20 Greatest Girls in Bikinis Making Snow Angels Anything
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20 Greatest Girls in Bikinis Making Snow Angels

What do hot chicks do to counteract their hotness during the winter? Well, according to YouTube they strip down to their bikinis (cause that's what all hot chicks wear under their clothes when they're not wearing "nothing") and then dive into large piles of deep, unforgiving snow in order to make snow angels. These are the greatest videos of girls of all ages and sizes (aka there's a cougar or two) diving into snow wearing nothing but clothes and are meant for summer.
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    One Full Minute in the Snow

    In this clip from a morning zoo radio show, they get two hot 18 year old girls to make snow angels in their bikinis. They spend an entire minute in the snow, which, after you watch all these videos you'll realize is an insanely long time. The best part about these videos is the cold shock of the horrible, horrible snow against their naked skin.

    Fast forward to 1:05 to see the Snow Angel fun begin.

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    Some Blonde Chick Gives in to Peer Pressure + Racial Slurs

    The greatest part of this awesome video of this insanely hot girl going into the snow is how amazingly horrible these people are to each other. Not only do they make this girl go into the snow (the bars she climbs on to get to the snow look freezing ass cold enough), but at the end the Asian girl calls her apparently Hispanic boyfriend a racial slur.

    This is the best part of the video, arguably (even though this girl is really hot) because of the dude's reaction. After the video ends it's almost reasonable to assume that this guy killed everyone involved.

    This is the last the internet ever heard of any of them.

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    Best. Field Trip. Ever.

    Out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason, these two girls decide to make snow angels in their bikinis in front of people while others in the background are apparently so used to this that they don't even care that hot girls have decided to be in their bikinis in this extreme weather.

    I really need to move out of California.

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    3 Hot 18 Year Olds + White Trash Dad = Gold

    Three cute girls who are home from college decide to let their uncle film them in their bikinis while they make their nipples into Hatori Hanzo swords. How do I know this?

    Because at about 13 seconds, after the hot Suicide Girls looking one runs for her jacket in a scene that would be slowmo'd and .gif'd immediately if she were famous, the smoking uncle/dad tells them to rush along while trying his hardest to capture it on his own camera phone.

    100 creepy points for that one and 500 points for being a man after my own heart.

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    Hot College Girl FAILs at Snow Angel Making, is Hot.

    While in a hot tub during the freezing middle of winter, a girl decides to make a snow angel and chickens out almost immediately due to the fact that she's a human being and can probably feel cold unlike most of the crazy bitches on this list.

    Her boyfriend decides to take his camera phone into the safest imaginable spot in the world (the hot tub) and documents the whole thing for us. God bless America.

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