20 Hilarious Public Warning Sign Parodies

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20 hilarious public warning sign parodies may not be enough for you if you're a fan of funny street sign parody, but this list of amusing joke public signs is sure to get you laughing. There are street signs warning of falling debris, a warning sign that warns of riot danger, a banner parody that teaches new dance moves, and even public signs advising of ways to treat the elderly. If you're looking for a hilarious caution sign, this is the place to be.

There are crazy road signs, weird warning placards, and parody pictures aplenty in this round-up of the funniest and most hilarious public warning signs ever.

What are the most hilarious public warning sign parodies? That's up to you! This votable list of funny street signs has some of the best public sign parodies on the web, but it's up to you to pick your favorite. Are you a fan of parody signs where the only real pain inflicted is from laughing? Then cast your vote for the funniest public warning signs on the internet.

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