20 Most Annoyingly Over-Used Movie Trailer Songs Albums

20 Most Annoyingly Over-Used Movie Trailer Songs

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These are the songs that make you roll your eyes in theatres, change the channel or even put the TV on mute when you hear them come on in movie trailers.

Some are actually fantastic and beautifully written songs that have been ruined by overexposure; some are inexplicably popular songs that need to die immediately.
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    I Got You (I Feel Good)

    A song that's cool enough to be in both "Full House" and "Lost" is alright in my book, no matter how over-utilized it is by Hollywood. But dear God is it overused in trailers.

    The Godfather of Soul's hit single has been made an appearance on basically every soundtrack ever, including "The Nutty Professor," "It Takes Two," "Garfield: The Movie" and "Home Alone 4" (hey, I never said they were good soundtracks).

    Really, this song is used masterfully by trailers in a way that isn't obvious in the least... ready for it? It's played whenever someone "feels good". BOOSH.

    Remember this Richard Gere movie? GREAT example of how lame it is.

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    Bad to the Bone

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    Ah yes, the ubiquitous anthem of every ass kicking, bone breaking and tights-wearing action movie trailer. Why? Because it's obvious.

    With such moving and thought provoking lyrics like "Let the bodies hit the floor.Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the floor."

    Yeah, that's about it.

    In any movie where bodies need to, or will be, hitting the floor you can bet your sweet ass that at some point you will hear the brutally-metal voices of Drowning Pool letting you know that they're going to be allowing something, and that something is bodies hitting the god damn floor.

    Skip to 1:19 in this trailer for "Jason X" to hear the satisfying thud of some bodies. Also used in Vin Diesel movies and crappy, not-going-to-make-their-money-back-in-theatres movies, which are essentially the same thing.

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    "I don't give a damn about my bad reputation!"

    Used in "Shrek," "10 Things I Hate About You," "Baby Mama" and a few others, Joan Jett's "Bad reputation" has got a bad reputation for being used in otherwise pretty decent movie trailers. It's just not right to do this sort of thing to an awesome song!

    Formerly used as the theme song for the great canceled-way-too-early NBC show "Freaks & Geeks," this song is being overused in trailers like "Kick-Ass" and any other trailer that involves children fighting back or something juvenile or anthropomorphic rebelling in some way, shape or form.

    See for yourself. Here's Joan's song being used in one of its most cliche ways in the "Kick-Ass" movie trailer (1:40).

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    Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

    Another case of a great band that had one song sucked into the movie trailer vortex that sits in the center of Hollywood's first "O" never to be played or sung outside of any other context besides a children's movie about magical nannies, faeries, unicorns or whatever magical crap kids today believe in (note to children: THEY'RE NOT REAL, well except for unicorns, those are totally real. and you shouldn't be on this website anyway, go now. scat).

    Shockingly unexpected was the decision to use "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" in the new Nanny McPhee trailer (1:36), as it's most often spotted along with images of Adam Sandler smiling above his name at the end of a trailer that gives away the whole movie, or for mid-level, barely-got-made romantic comedies that have no personality.


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