20 Songs About Careers Out There Bands/Musicians

20 Songs About Careers Out There

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You'll learn lots more about career paths at Careers Out There dot com than you could ever learn from pop songs! That's because we present video interviews with real professionals who discuss the realities of their career paths to help you find the right career fit. BUT you can also learn a little something about the different careers out there by listening to pop music! Check it out:

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    "Taxman" = Accounting careers.
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    "Higher Ground" = Military careers, Teaching careers and Preaching careers! Stevie covers a lot of GROUND in this song.
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    "I Shot the Sheriff" = Criminal justice careers Songwriters don't tend to like those in criminal justice careers....
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    "Mr. Policeman" = Criminal justice careers. Are there any songs that say good things about those working in criminal justice?
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    "Fashion" = Fashion design careers
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    "Workin' on the Highway" = Highway construction careers
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    Monsters of Folk

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    "The Sandman, the Brakeman & Me" = Railroad careers Lots of songs about railroad careers!
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    "Monkey & the Engineer" = Railroad careers This is another....
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    "If the Brakeman Turns My Way" = Railroad careers See what I mean....lots of railroad career songs...
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    "Your Song" = Sculpting careers, Potion-making careers. Any one know someone who actually makes potions in a traveling show?
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    "Lady Cab Driver" = Taxi driving careers
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    "Roses" = Medical careers
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    "Six Days on the Road" = Truck driving careers
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    "Rain on the Scarecrow" = Family farming careers
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    "Please Mr. Postman" = Postal service careers.
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    "Mr. Tambourine Man" = Musician careers
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    "Piano Man" = Lounge singer careers
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    "Stagefright" = Singing careers
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    "Duchess" = Touring musician careers
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    "Operator" = Telephone operator careers Does anyone call the operator any more?
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