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2002 Bonnaroo Lineup Bands/Musicians
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2002 Bonnaroo Lineup

Complete list of bands seen in Bonnaroo Music Festival 2002. As this was the first baby of Bonnaroo Music Festival, the lineup of 2002 is worth reading through again. The 2002 Bonnaroo artists roster included bands, comedians, and solo artists- the complete roster of bands at Bonnaroo 2002 that took place in Manchester, Tennessee. This 2002 Bonnaroo lineup is in alphabetical order. This list of Bonaroo bands of 2002 can be copied to start your own list on Ranker.
  1. Rock music, Bluegrass More
  2. Nu jazz, Dubstep, Trip hop More
  3. Bela Fleck & Edgar Meyer

  4. Rock music, Gospel music, Blues More
  5. Hip hop music, Alternative hip hop, West Coast hip hop More
  6. Campbell Bros.

  7. Rock music, Experimental rock, Jam band More
  8. Reggae, Blues, Delta blues More
  9. Hip hop music, Turntablism More
  10. Nu jazz, Hip hop music, Acid jazz More
  11. Progressive bluegrass, Jam band, Bluegrass More
  12. Dubstep, Dance-punk, Rock music More
  13. Folk rock, Reggae, Country rock More
  14. Drums & Tuba

  15. Rock music, Jam band More
  16. Hip hop music, Jazz rap, Jazz-funk More
  17. Blues-rock, Boogie rock, Rock music More
  18. Gran Torino

  19. Indie pop, Tropical rock, Pop music More
  20. Americana, Alternative country More
  21. Hip hop music, Alternative hip hop More
  22. Jazz, Jam band, Funk More
  23. Rock music, Folk music, Reggae More
  24. Thrash metal, Progressive metal, Rock music More

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