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2006 Albums of the Year

NOTES: these were my rankings at the end of 2006; opinions have changed a bit since then and I will do an updated version of this list at some point (I've already cheated a bit because my original list only ranked the top 40; the rest were all "bubbling under"). My change in opinions would be the reason a higher-rated album may show below another.

I’ve been saying all year it was a lame year for albums, but in retrospect it was a good one, especially when you think of it in terms of sheer tonnage. Nothing absolutely blew me away, but a truckload, or at least a humvee-load, of decent-to-pretty-great records came out this year.


Most of my fave new bands of last 5 years or so put out good-to-great records that were nonetheless slight disappointments compared to the masterpieces they released just prior – Drive-By Truckers, Mastadon, ISIS, Volta, Strokes

Another great year for metal. The youth of America have woken up and realized that Nu- and Rap-metal have the substance of are thankfully in retreat. All hail the old school (maiden, celtic frost) and the really creative younger extreme metal world (ISIS, Satyricon, Cult of Luna, Agalloch, Giant Squid, Mastadon)

At different times, any of the top 7 on the list could be the #1, just as the 5 or 6 after those are pretty interchangeable, the 6 or 7 after that, and so on.
  1. 1
    The Hold Steady More
    I’m frankly shocked at my #1 choice- a band on their 3rd release, I only got this like a month ... more
  2. 2
    The Secret Machines More
  3. 3
    Bruce Springsteen More
  4. 4
    Bob Dylan More
  5. 5
    Red Hot Chili Peppers More
    shocker of the year – 26 Chili Peppers songs and only a few that I have to hit ...
  6. 6
    TV on the Radio More
    whatever is in those Cookies is some good s**t
  7. 7
    The Mars Volta More
  8. 8
    Lucero More
  9. 9
    No image
    Built to Spill More
  10. 10
    Comets on Fire More
    I’ve always dug these guys in a ‘wall of rock sound’ way, but this is a whole new level. This ... more
  11. 11
    Isis More
  12. 12
    Band of Horses More
  13. 13
    The Strokes More
    a much better album than they got credit for, or that it’s sales merited
  14. 14
    The Raconteurs More
  15. 15
    Wolfmother More
  16. 16
    Iron Maiden More
    since reuniting with Bruce "The Air Raid Siren" Dickenson, Maiden have continued to ... more
  17. 17
    No image
    Charalambides More
  18. 18
    Gnarls Barkley More
  19. 19
    Ben Harper More
    a neglected record (probably because it was a double CD), the disc of more personal songs is ... more
  20. 20

    The Greatest

    Cat Power More
  21. 21
    Neil Young More
    yes, it’s obvious that this was written and recorded in less than a week, and the ...
  22. 22
    Mastodon More
    good stuff, though for me it hasn’t quite reached the heights of the one before that was all ... more
  23. 23
    Celtic Frost More
    comeback of the year
  24. 24
    David Gilmour More
  25. 25
    Mogwai More
    Mr Beast indeed.

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