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2010 Best Selling albums Albums
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2010 Best Selling albums

The 2010 best selling albums include a little bit of everything with rappers, adult contemporary artists, pop singers and even some country groups all finishing the year among the top sellers. These artists have climbed the charts throughout the year and stayed at the top as 2010's best music according to Billboard magazine, which tracks all the top music from the most downloaded digital albums of 2010 and the most popular artists of 2010, among many other things.

After becoming a YouTube sensation with her appearance on the reality show "Britain's Got Talent," singer Susan Boyle became the best selling artist of 2010 with her record "I Dreamed a Dream." The rest of the top five however had to earn their spots without appearing on comeptition reality shows.

Rapper Eminem, who was also the best selling rapper of 2010, came in second with his release of "Recovery." Country group Lady Antebellum and their record "Need You Now" followed in third while the rest of the top five was all pop music. Lady Gaga's "The Fame" was the fourth-best selling record of the year, finishing just ahead of teen sensation Justin Bieber with his album "My World 2.0."
Title: Best Selling Albums of 2010 : 2010 Most popular Albums
  1. 29
    Adam Lambert More
  2. 11
    No image

    The Element of Freedom

    Alicia Keys More
  3. 6
    No image

    My Christmas--

    Andrea Bocelli More
  4. 16
    Aubrey Graham More
  5. 12
    Carrie Underwood More
  6. 37
    Casting Crowns More
  7. 43
    No image
    Eminem More
  8. 2
    No image


    Eminem More
  9. 26
    No image

    Glee Season One: The Music Volume 2

    Glee More
  10. 49
    No image

    Glee: The Music, Volume 3: Showstoppers

    Glee More
  11. 33
    Jack Johnson More
  12. 41
    No image

    Wide Open

    Jason Aldean More
  13. 44
    Jay-Z More
  14. 19
    John Mayer More
  15. 8
    Justin Bieber More
  16. 5
    No image

    My World 2.0

    Justin Bieber More
  17. 40
    Katy Perry More
  18. 20
    No image


    Ke$ha More
  19. 50
    Kings of Leon More
  20. 25
    Lady Antebellum More
  21. 3
    Lady Antebellum More
  22. 4
    Lady Gaga More
  23. 13
    Lady Gaga More
  24. 34
    No image

    Rebirth (Lil Wayne album)/version 1

    Lil Wayne More
  25. 24
    No image

    Stronger With Each Tear

    Mary J. Blidge More

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