2012 NFL Draft First Round Predictions Anything

2012 NFL Draft First Round Predictions

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My prediction for the 2012 NFL draft
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    Dontari Poe

    Carolina Panthers #9 overall

    Poe is an absolute beast he can run like a Linebacker and hit you like a Mack truck and the Panthers would be fools to pass him up considering how bad their run defense is and I can see Poe being a lot nicer version of Ndamakung Suh so Poe will be going #9 to Carolina
  2. 10

    Melvin Ingram

    The Bills choose to trade down to the 18th pick and swap picks with the Chargers and they receive a Fourth rounder as well and with the Chargers needing a pass rusher they take the uber athletic Melvin Ingram from South Carolina and I would say that is a fair trade
  3. 11

    Michael Brockers

    Kansas City Chiefs #11 overall

    The Chiefs D-Line is down right terrible Tyson Jackson and Glen Dorsey are busts and Kelly Gregg is getting old so Brockers is chosen to lead a revamped D-Line and the Chiefs become true contenders
  4. 12
    Seattle Seahawks #12 Overall

    Many think a pass rusher is going here but the Seahawks just lost David Hawthorne and need a new Leader of the Defense and the blue chip prospect from Boston College will be just that guy
  5. 13

    David Decastro

    Arizona Cardinals #13 overall

    The Cards O Line is the worst in the league but DeCastro can easily make that Line some what decent and could keep Kevin Kolb off his back for at least a few seconds to throw to Larry Fitzgerald
  6. 14
    Dallas Cowboys #14 Overall

    Brandon Carr made the Dallas Secondary a lot better but Barron would still improve a weak secondary and will easily start immediately
  7. 15

    Fletcher Cox

    Philadelphia Eagles #15 overall

    The Eagles Defense is bad and Linebacker is a huge need but since there are not many LB's who have enough upside to go in this spot so Cox is the next best choice because DT is just as bad of a position as LB so Cox goes here and takes over for the aging Mike Patterson and complements Babin and Cole very Well
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    Michael Floyd is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list 2012 NFL Draft First Round Predictions
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    New York Jets #16

    The Jets need a real #1 target for Sanchez cause Burress is gone and Holmes might be out the door soon and Floyd is that guy he is one of the best prospects in this draft and makes the Jets a lot better offensively (unless Tim Tebow is throwing the ball to him)
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