2012 NFL Draft First Round Predictions Anything

2012 NFL Draft First Round Predictions

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My prediction for the 2012 NFL draft

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  1. 21
    Cincinnati Bengals #21 overall

    The third straight Alabama player picked will be Donta Hightower and with the Bengals having no truly good athletes at the LB position Hightower gives them a huge upgrade and then the Bengals send a thank you to Oakland for giving them an extra pick for Carson Palmer and really revamping their Defense
  2. 22

    Lavonte David

    Cleveland Browns #22

    The Browns dont have any pass rushers and no Outside Linebackers and David immediately fills a huge hole making the Browns maybe a 5 win team
  3. 23
    New York Jets #23

    The Jets trade with the Lions to grab the falling Coples who gives the Jets that much needed pass rusher and the Lions get a second and fifth rounders
  4. 24
    Pittsburgh Steelers #24 overall

    the Steelers have a bad O Line and the big Stanford Tackle gives Big Ben some much needed protection
  5. 25

    Devon Still

    Denver Broncos #25 overall

    A bit of a reach but the Broncos lost Brandon Bunkley so a big DT to plug up the middle of the Line but still a great talent for a pretty good Defense
  6. 26
    Houston Texans #26

    Andre Johnson is injury prone and they have no #2 receiver Kendall Wright is just that guy who can not only take the pressure off of Andre but step up in his absence
  7. 27

    Chandler Jones

    New England Patriots #27

    The Patriots lost Andre Carter and Mark Anderson in Free Agency so they need a pass rusher and Chandler Jones fits that bill another guy who could be a reach but in the late first round you dont have many options left
  8. 28

    Andre Branch

    Green Bay Packers #28

    The Packers need a pass rusher who can take some pressure off Clay Matthews and the PAckers will hope it is Branch
  9. 29

    Stephen Hill

    Baltimore Ravens #29

    Anquan Boldin isnt the best without another stud receiver and no offense to Torey SMith but he is not one so Stephen Hill is drafted and Joe Flacco actually makes it to the superbowl with a good core group of receivers
  10. 30

    Peter Konz

    San Fransisco 49ers #30

    this may be a bit of a shocker but Konz will be a good upgrade and with Adams synder gone the Niners can move their current Center to guard and have Konz be the center of the future
  11. 31
    New England Patriots #31

    When a receiver is your best DB you got problems Harrison SMith comes in and immediately starts and makes a huge impact on of the leagues worst Defense
  12. 32

    Cordy Glenn

    New York Giants #32

    The Giants round out the first round with the Georgia Tackle Cordy Glenn and replace David Deihl and give ELi more protection so that is always good
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