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2012 Predictions

2012 predictions include those made by scientists, politicians, technology experts and others who offer up their specific ideas for what they think might happen over the next 12 months. What will happen during the course of the 2012 presidential campaign? Who will win? What fancy new technology-related gadgets will fall into our eager hands this year? Entertainment-wise, what movies and TV shows will soar (or flop) in 2012? Who will be the breakout celebrities of the year? Those on this list have gazed into the proverbial crystal ball and attempted to predict what's going to happen. Agree or disagree, there's no denying that the theories are interesting.

Of course, the biggest question on some people's minds for 2012 is: Will the world end? Are the planets going to align in such a way that Earth as we know it will cease to exist? That depends on who you believe. NASA scientists say everything's fine, calm down, nothing bad will happen. Scientists at NASA even set up a special section on the official NASA website to discuss the situation. Skeptics seem to agree, but there are always those who disagree and think we're in for total disaster and doom.

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    Cabinet Changes

    Political Economist and former Clinton Administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich

    Robert Reich is no stranger to politics, having served, among other things, as the Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration from 1993 to 1997. Reich predicts that Barack Obama will choose Hillary Clinton as his vice-presidential running mate in 2012, with Joe Biden moving into her job as Secretary of State.

    But what about the Republican ticket? Reich predicts that eventual GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will choose Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his vice-presidential running mate.

    Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to former President George W. Bush Karl Rove

    Karl Rove, the former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, also makes a number of 2012 political election predictions. Most aren't surprising. Among them: Republicans will keep control of the U.S. House of Representatives and gain control of the U.S. Senate.

    Karl Rove also offers a (very) brief prediction of the 2012 presidential election, saying that Barack Obama will lose the election, possibly to GOP candidate Mitt Romney (though he doesn't get into that too deeply). He does say that he believes Ron Paul won't get the nomination and won't run as a third-party candidate "that would put his son, Rand Paul, in an untenable position: Does the Republican senator from Kentucky support his father and effectively re-elect Mr. Obama, or back his party and defeat him?"

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    Will Obama Win?

    'US News & World Report' Journalist Brad Bannon

    2012 is a presidential election year, so it's no surprise that predictions about winners and losers are rampant. Brad Bannon of 'US News & World Report' isn't exactly going out on a limb with his prediction that Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination and then lose by a narrow margin to President Barack Obama. He says Ron Paul, as the Libertarian Party candidate, will take just enough votes away from Romney to allow Obama to win (a la Ralph Nader, circa 2000).

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    The Year of the Tablet

    Vivek Wadhwa, 'The Washington Post'

    With the Kindle Fire's explosion in popularity, will more, even lower-priced Android-powered tablets surface in 2012? Possibly. 'The Atlantic' predicts that Google will lead the way with a $200 tablet, while Washington Post columnist Vivek Wadhwa predicts that prices will go even lower - possibly into the "sub-$100" range.

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    Facebook IPO

    Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, 'The Atlantic' and Robert Hof of 'Forbes'

    Facebook crossed the 500 million users mark in July of 2010. At the beginning of 2012, Facebook had roughly 800 million users. Back then, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg predicted that the company would eventually see one billion users. Could this happen in 2012? Or has the growth slowed down for the world's largest social network? Some industry watchers, including The Atlantic's Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, say yes, it's going to happen. Let the countdown begin!

    Another Facebook-related 2012 prediction: The company will offer a long-anticipated IPO and it will be huge - valuing the company at up to $100 billion ("billion" seems to be a key word where Facebook's concerned in 2012). Not everyone thinks the IPO will be the saving grace for the economy, however, including Robert Hof of Forbes, who says that the Facebook IPO "won't launch a thousand IPOs as a gazillion venture capitalists and angel investors hope."

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    'The God Particle'

    Physicist and Director of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Rolf Heuer

    Ever heard of the so-called 'God Particle?' This particle, also known as the subatomic Higgs Boson particle, could finally be proven (or disproven) to exist in 2012, according to physicist Rolf Heuer, the director of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Discovering the Higgs Boson particle could fill in a major piece of the missing puzzle with regard to the formation of the entire Universe. In short, the particle could help to answer the fundamental question about why matter has mass.

    Over the summer of 2011, Heuer said that 2012 is THE year for this discovery, noting that, "I would say we can settle the question, the Shakespearean question - 'to be or not to be' -- by the end of next year."

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    Will the World End?

    NASA Senior Research Scientist Don Yeomans

    Yeomans is one of several NASA scientists who don't think some planetary alignment will result in the end of the world in 2012. He's quick to point out that yes, there's a ton of interest in the position of the planets (and their trajectories) in relation to Earth this year, particularly towards the end of the year, but he says there's no need to panic. This is a lot of hype, and speculation. Yeoman says: "Now, I for one love a good book or movie as much as the next guy. But the stuff flying around through cyberspace, TV, and the movies is not based on science."

    In case you're interested, NASA has established a special FAQ page to address the whole 2012 end-of-days theory, which you can read here.

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