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2013 Celebrity Scandals List

This 2013 celebrity scandals list includes a slew of shocking, disheartening and downright dirty happenings. Some celebrities, it seems, attract trouble wherever they go. And yes, some are repeat offenders. Which celebrity scandal will be the most talked about from 2013? That remains to be seen, but this list includes all the major contenders.

Whether it's actresses breaking up with boyfriends, actors cheating on girlfriends and/or wives, major sports figures lying about girlfriends (or coming clean about doping), or just those who somehow gain their 15 minutes of fame, there is always, *always* scandal in the entertainment world. Need proof? Just take a nice stroll down memory lane by revisiting the 2012 celebrity scandals list. Or, if you're so inclined, enjoy perusing this list of celebrities we love to hate, because it's almost a given they'll land on this scandals page soon enough.
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    Justin Bieber Pees in Mop Bucket, Curses Bill Clinton

    How many times can Justin Bieber make this scandals 2013 list? Answer: Multiple times, and more could be coming, we've got a ways to go folks. The Biebs' latest scandal involved a video that surfaced on TMZ of him urinating in a mop bucket in a nightclub (with his posse around him of course). Before the crew ("Wild Boyz!") departed, Bieber sprayed a photo of former President Bill Clinton, saying "F*** Bill Clinton!"

    Reports say that Justin Bieber later called President Clinton to apologize for his lewd and totally insulting behavior. Biebs later told his gazillion Twitter followers,  "thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy."

    It's not just Bieber's apparent potty training incident that's made headlines. Wanna see more? You sure? Okay, check out this list of the douchiest things Justin Bieber has ever done.

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    Paula Deen Racism Allegations

    Celebrity chef Paula Deen made headlines in June of 2013, after a former employee filed a lawsuit alleging racial and sexual discrimination. A transcript from Deen's deposition, in which she admits having used the N-word, also included the revelation that Deen at one time wanted black, male employees to dress up in uniforms traditionally worn by slaves during the Civil War era.

    The revelations touched off a firestorm of controversy. Within days, Paula Deen was fired from the Food Network, and she lost several other high-profile endorsements, including one for Smithfield Foods.

    For her part, Paula Deen has maintained that she is not a racist, apologizing for her remarks via two videos published on June 21, 2013. Deen's sons also went on televison, saying their mother isn't racist and calling the charges against her "character assassination."  

    On June 26, 2013, a tearful Paula Deen appeared on the 'Today' show, strongly denying that she's racist. During the 13-minute, highly emotional interview with Matt Lauer, Deen said, "I have never ... with any intention, hurt anybody on purpose, and I never would."
    On August 12, 2013 a federal judge dismissed the racial discrimination claims.

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    Lil Wayne Tramples American Flag

    During a video shoot in June of 2013, Lil Wayne trampled on an American flag. Still photos of the incident, which happened while Wayne was filming his "God Bless Amerika" video in New Orleans, surfaced online and stirred major controversy. A video later surfaced (seen here) that clearly shows Weezy rapping away as he steps all over the stars and stripes.

    For his part, Lil Wayne tweeted that the entire incident was misconstrued, saying: "I didn't step on the flag on purpose! It's a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop it's just there as I perform."

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    Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt

    Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of late music icon Michael Jackson, was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after a possible suicide attempt in the early morning hours of June 5, 2013. According to a report from TMZ, Jackson was rushed to a hospital from her home in Calabasas around 2am, after a 911 call came in about "a possible overdose," though TMZ quotes one source as saying that Jackson had "multiple cuts on one of her wrists."

    The night before the alleged suicide attempt, Paris Jackson took to her Twitter account, tweeting (among other things) the lyrics to The Beatles' song "Yesterday": "yesterday , all my troubles seemed so far away ... now it looks as though they're here to stay."

    In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Paris Jackson's mother, Debbie Rowe, confirmed her daughter's suicide attempt, saying that the teen has had "a lot going on" in her life recently.

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    Justin Bieber and His Ferrari Vs. Everyone

    Justin Bieber is making everyone in his California neighborhood angry - because of his reckless driving habits. It seems the Biebs has a habit of lead-footing it in his fancy sports cars, especially his Ferrari, and everyone's had just about enough, including police. Authorities were reportedly investigating yet another incident of Bieber's alleged reckless driving through the Calabasas gated community over Memorial Day weekend 2013.

    On May 27, 2013, former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson confronted Justin Bieber about his dangerous driving habits, "chasing" the singer down in his Prius. It seems Beibs zipped by Johnson as he was pulling out of the neighborhood (with his child), and he decided to take action. Reports say Johnson "blocked" Bieber's Ferrari outside the singers house and "got out of his car to confront" Bieber. What did Justin Bieber do? He supposedly ran in the house "and refused to come out."

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