The Best Shows That Were Canceled in 2014 TV Programs

The Best Shows That Were Canceled in 2014

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This list of 2014's canceled shows will include all major television programs that get the ax over the course of the year on any network, including cable TV. Which shows will survive and which will be yanked? These days, networks act fast: If a show isn't performing ratings-wise, network execs don't hesitate to cancel it, sometimes after just one or two episodes. Producing programs is an expensive business, and the competition for ratings is fierce. Many networks just decide to cut their losses early, before things get totally out of hand.

Which TV shows got canceled in 2014? Expect this list to grow greatly as the season unfolds. Already, in January of 2014, NBC pulled the plug on the Sean Hayes sitcom "Sean Saves the World," stopping production even though it had committed to five additional episodes. The year began as a perilous one for comedies (most of which were not on this list of the best current TV sitcoms, by the way). HBO decided to nix two of its new comedies, "Hello Ladies" and "Family Tree," after just one season each. Dramas were also on the block, with ABC yanking the spy miniseries "The Assets" after just two episodes aired (the show was supposed to be an eight-parter).

So, take a look at this list, vote up the shows you loved the most, and will miss the most, and vote down any that you absolutely agree needed to be canceled. Just remember: For every show canceled, at least one, or possibly five more, will grow in its place. Don't lose hope, because new TV shows in 2014 do look promising. Check out this list of the new TV trailers for 2014. See? Hope springs eternal!

List Criteria: Television shows canceled between January and December of 2014. Upvote the show you like the most and think should not have been canceled.

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