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'21 Jump Street' movie quotes include some of the funniest lines from this 2012 reboot of the classic 80s TV crime drama. The new '21 Jump Street' stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as officers Schmidt and Jenko -- two guys who aren't exactly cop material. Not surprisingly, some of the best quotes from '21 Jump Street' are uttered by Hill and Tatum, though several other cast members get great, memorable lines as well. See a favorite quote from the '21 Jump Street' reboot here? Vote it up! And, if you don't see your favorite quote listed, add it.

In '21 Jump Street,' Hill and Tatum are two police officers who are fresh out of the academy. Neither of them show a whole lot of promise as cops and, after they botch their first big arrest, they're (quickly) reassigned. The pair pose as brothers, going undercover at a local high school to try and bust a drug ring. As the pair get closer to uncovering the truth, they're forced to confront some old issues from their teen years -- with hilarious results. '21 Jump Street' also stars Ice Cube, Brie Larson, Rob Riggle, Dave Franco (James Franco's younger brother), Ellie Kemper and Nick Offerman, among others. And yes, original '21 Jump Street' TV show cast member Holly Robinson Peete reprises her role as Officer Judy Hoffs!

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Miranda Rights

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Deputy Chief Hardy: "You forgot to read him his Miranda rights. Do you even know the Miranda rights?"
Jenko: "It obviously goes something like... you have the right to remain... an attorney."
Deputy Chief Hardy: "Did you just say you have the right to be an attorney?"
Schmidt: "You do have the right to be an attorney, if you want to..."

If Deputy Chief Hardy looks familiar, he should: That's Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson from NBC's 'Parks and Recreation.' How could this movie NOT be hilarious with Offerman on board?
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Punching Your Genital Area

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Thug: "You guys even real cops? You look like kids on Halloween."
Jenko: "Hey! You want me to beat your d*ck off?"
Thug: "You want to beat my d*ck off?"
Jenko: "I'll beat your d*ck off with both hands, let's go!"
Thug: "That's weird man."
Schmidt: "I think what he was trying to say was he's gonna punch you so many times around the genital area that your d*ck is just gonna fall off. Is that clear?"

Ah, the first big bust for Jenko and Schmidt: A group of biker thugs hanging out in an area park...yay! Jenko's unfortunate choice of words, however, threatens to take things in a whole different direction. Luckily, Schmidt's there to explain.
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Justin Bieber Muthas

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Captain Dickson: "You are here because you some Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus lookin' muthas..."

Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) heads up the Jump Street division of the police department, and he's definitely not one to mess with. It's his job, God help him, to oversee Jenko and Schmidt on their undercover assignment.
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Punched Kid Nervous Breakdown

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Principal Dadier (to Jenko and Schmidt): "I am one more 'black gay kid getting punched in the face' away from a nervous breakdown. Do I make myself clear?"

Principal Dadier (Jake M. Johnson) has just about had enough. Jenko and Schmidt get called to his office after Jenko punches out a student, who just happens to be gay.
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I Got Stabbed?

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Schmidt: "When did I get stabbed?! That's awesome!"

Schmidt and Jenko break another rule: the one about giving alcohol to minors. At a wild party, Schmidt gets stabbed - and, in his effed up state, he thinks it's hilarious! Yep, these two fit in perfectly well as idiotic high school students.
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Chests and Tests

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Ms. Griggs (to Jenko): "Let me check out your chest -- Let me check out your test."

One of the big rules Captain Dickson lays out for Jenko and Schmidt: Don't sleep with students OR teachers. Teacher Ms. Griggs (the hilarious Ellie Kemper) might make it hard for Jenko to stick to the rules...
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Not So Slim Shady

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Jenko: "Not So Slim Shady, what's up? I haven't seen you since high school..."

Ah, high school: Chances are, Jenko's memories of those days are much more pleasant than nerdy Schmidt, who tried really hard to rock the Eminem/Slim Shady look back in the day.
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Schmidt (to Jenko): "Will you go to prom with me?"

Who wouldn't like a chance to go back to prom again? Oh, wait, yeah -- probably many of us. But Jenko and Schmidt get that chance, as they try to investigate a drug ring in the high school. So prom, it is! Nice duds...