25 Hot Girls Dressed As Non-Sexy Characters Fictional Characters
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25 Hot Girls Dressed As Non-Sexy Characters

The amazing, elaborate cosplay creations have steadily become the primary reason to check out Comic-Con coverage. Sure, there are previews of forthcoming movies, interesting interviews and rumors about forthcoming projects, yeah, fine, okay, blah blah blah. But it's just not SDCC without hot cosplay girls. Each year, plenty of attendees dress in the predictable, familiar "sexy" costume standards - tons of Catwomen and Poison Ivies, loads of cast members from every episode of "Bleach" and every iteration of "Final Fantasy," even a heaping helping of Disney princesses in revealing gowns and suggestive seashell bras.

But this list isn't about them. Because there's plenty of lists to gawk at if you want to see hot cosplay girls in action. No, this list is about the brave women who dare to set the bar higher, and dress as sexy versions of un-sexy characters. Whether it's yellow electricity monsters, futuristic garbage robots, avian cartoon superheroes or even angsty, rock-based demons, these cosplayers can turn pretty much anything even vaguely humanoid into a sexy ensemble.