30+ of the Worst Tattoos of Celebrity Faces People
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30+ of the Worst Tattoos of Celebrity Faces

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Oh, drinking and the things it leads to. It's hard to believe these tattoos weren't forced on by some sort of hazing, rather people acting wanting these. Here are 25 bad tattoos that should be pictured next to the Webster definition for the word "regret". From Buddy the Elf, to Joe Dirt, to Clay Aiken to Judge Judy, these are the faces that you never thought you'd see on someone's skin. Here are the worst tattoos of celebrity portraits the Internet could muster. These people could've at least got some hot actresses on their arms, not some ridiculous Joe Dirt type characters.
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    There's nothing like adding 3D effects to the Radiohead singer's face, though he looks like he's got some sort of lazy-eye thing going on.

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