The 66 Most Offensive Church Signs of All Time Anything
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The 66 Most Offensive Church Signs of All Time

List Criteria: Upvote the most hilarious church signage, which is also in poor taste.

According to these photos of crazy church signs, every single one of us is absolutely and undeniably screwed. How these churches choose to communicate their awesome, sometimes-unintentionally hilarious message, is totally baffling. But we don't mind! Here are all the most offensive, heinous, and insulting church signs ever – all put into one list.

What's the dirtiest thing ever displayed on a church sign? Even been completely baffled by crazy church signage? These funny church signs will make you double over and put you on your knees, in or out of church.

We're not sure if some of these offensive signs were meant as a joke, or if these churches should invest in a church sign generator that can churn out some more appropriate ideas. Either way, these bad church signs will totally crack you up. Amen!

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    The Church Addresses Tummy Pains... Right?

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