The 47 Greatest Pun-tastic Restaurant Names Anything
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The 47 Greatest Pun-tastic Restaurant Names

Jokes are awesome. Food is awesome. Jokes + Food= SUPER awesome. It doesn't make any sense, but food that comes from restaurants with funny names always tastes better. Slice of pepperoni pizza from Domino's? Mediocre. Slice of pepperoni pizza from Slice of Life? Awesome (+1 if you get the Dexter reference). Pulled pork sandwich from KFC? Gross. Pulled pork sandwich from Forrest Rump? Awesome (-1 if you somehow connect that to a porno reference). Point is: restaurants with pun names are the best.

This list of restaurants with pun names is a collection of funny restaurant signs and names from around the world. Are there brunch puns? You better bellini it. Burger puns? Lettuce tell you about it. Puns about Vietnamese cuisine? You pho it. Ok, enough. There are a plethora of clever restaurant names for you to peruse, so get to it.

If you're into food and funny, don't forget to check out funny foreign food commercials and the greatest food abominations of all time. If that's not enough cool food for you, have a donut and carry on.

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    A Thai Restaurant

  2. 2
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    A Chinese Restaurant

  3. 3
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    A Middle Eastern Stop

  4. 4
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    A Wine Shop

  5. 5
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    A Coffee Shop

  6. 6
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    A Bar With An Emphasis On Spirits

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