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5 Convincing "Real" Paranormal Cases

Real paranormal activity: true stories of the supernatural that will scare the pants off you. We live in a rational world with rational laws. Tales of the paranormal and supernatural have no place in real life... Or do they? The five paranormal stories on this list supposedly really happened, and if they're true, we'll have to rethink everything we think we know for certain.

These 5 strange cases of real supernatural events will give even the most devout and stubborn sceptic some food for thought - or at least some entertaining stories to tell after watching horror movies with a group of friends. This list includes the most famous, most convincing real paranormal activity stories and true supernatural events.

From exorcisms, to alien abductions, and even to time travel, these stories are spooky, and seem almost too real.

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    The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

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    In 1968, at the age of 16, Anneliese Michel began suffering from convulsions. By 1973, Anneliese had developed such a strong psychosis that she would hallucinate while praying, see demon faces throughout the day and hear voices declaring that she was damned. She would also make what were described as "demon faces," rip her clothes off, eat coal, and lick up her own urine. In addition, she became completely intolerant of religious symbols and could not partake of holy water. For a majority of the time Anneliese was experiencing these psychoses, she was committed to a psychiatric hospital, where she was prescribed a variety of drugs, none of which seemed to help.

    By 1975, Anneliese and her family, tired of the lack of progress made with conventional medicine, decided to turn to the Catholic Church which determined that Anneliese Michel was suffering from a demonic possession. Over a ten month period, Anneliese underwent seventy-six exorcisms, and eventually died from starvation when she refused to eat.

    Demonic possession or severe psychosis? Whatever the truth, watch the attached clilp and hear Anneliese during an exorcism, starting at 00:20.

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