5 Hardest Books To Read (That Are Totally Worth It) Books
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5 Hardest Books To Read (That Are Totally Worth It)

Staggering page numbers, an infinite amount of strange and fascinating characters buried in almost as many digressions, technical and obscure theoretical findings...that's what these masterpieces are all about. If your idea of a good (and in my opinion with these works, great) read is a true intellectual challenges that affords the careful and diligent reader with some pretty amazing ideas/insights, then bust out the reading glasses and try not to strain your brain. Understanding any one of these books on a first read might just be an exercise in f*tility, since I think the authors themselves might not even understand them fully, but they're all great in their own way.

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    "A screaming comes across the sky." Opening line to a truly mesmerizing, infinitely detailed book. And I mean infinitely as in "Moving towards in infinity through means of theoretical calculus that eventually brings you to the point in which your present and past selves collide and you exist at all points in the universe for one second." Worth the read simply for that and the Adenoid subdued in a man's dreams with buckets of cocaine.
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    Imagine Rashomon, except told literally through the many perspectives of so many disparate and destructive characters. It's unbelievably confusing at first, and then harrowing as things become clearer and clearer.
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    Joyce was an absolute master. That's all I can really say about this book right now, since it's staggeringly intricate and beautiful.
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