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attractions 5 Must See Places in Utah

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With the exception of Paria Canyon/Buckskin Gulch, which is a more "immersive" experience, you can see all of these wonders in five days when you stay in the beautiful, small Western Hollywood town of Kanab, Utah. Book your reservation today!
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Bryce Canyon

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The forces of Nature have sculpted friendly and mischievous "hoodoos" from multiple colored layers of rock at Bryce Canyon. It's a great camping spot for exploring and enjoying color and form juxtaposed against blue skies or stormy weather. Stop off at Ruby's Inn for some ice cream and maybe take in the local rodeo events.
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Lake Powell

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Lake Powell is the blue and vermilion gem of Southern Utah. From Kanab, you travel east on highway 89. You can't miss its deep blue waters and sandstone cliffs. Awesome recreation opportunities await you: boating, fishing, hiking, ultralight flying, and ATVs are among them. Visit the massive engineering feat of Glen Canyon Dam and watch the mighty Colorado River pour from its base to feed vast tracts of agriculture and civilization downstream.
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Paria Canyon

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Paria Canyon is not for the faint of heart or claustrophobic. Starting at White House trailhead or at the Buckskin Gulch trailhead, you descend gradually into a twisting labyrinth of narrow canyons. At some points you can even reach out and touch the walls with both hands! Accompanying you on your journey is a band of blue sky of varying widths and shapes created by sandstone walls soaring up to 1,000 feet overhead. The spring water flowing from these walls is the sweetest you'll ever taste, but make sure to carry enough with you toward the end of the journey when water becomes more scarce. Check with the ranger station to find out the safest times to hike. Hint: It's NOT during monsoon season. It can be blue sky overhead in Paria and raining at Bryce Canyon and within a short time you could be swept away by a massive flash flood!
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Zion National Park

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You simply can't get a better experience of easily accessible and diverse environments than with Zion National Park. From high desert mountain to lush canyon gardens to harsh lower desert landscapes, Zion National Park has it all. There is a shuttle to take you through most of the park, but you can drive passenger vehicles in other parts. RVs are a little tricky, especially with the mile long tunnel through a solid sandstone monolith, but if you check with the ranger station before traveling, they'll tell you how to manage.
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Grand Canyon North Rim

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The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is the best kept secret of Southern Utah. Almost everyone who thinks of visiting the Grand Canyon thinks of it as a trip to Arizona to visit the South Rim. But to get to the North Rim, there's no better way than through Kanab, Utah, which is a short 90 minute drive to the relatively unvisited spectacular vistas of the Kaibab Plateau. Lush meadows and pine forests will accompany you on your way to the North Rim, with the hospitality of the lodge at the end of your journey.