50 Amazing Contemporary International Poets Writers

50 Amazing Contemporary International Poets

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This is a list of 50 contemporary poets from countries all around the world. Some of the names are more famous than others but all have had a significant impact on modern poetry either through their longevity as celebrated poets, through awards they have won, published works, or literary activism. With the exception of the very first entry the list is in alphabetical order.

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    American. Highly esteemed poet and author who recited at the inauguration for one American president, Bill Clinton, and received the Presidential Medal of Honor from another, Barack Obama.
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    Author of 4 books of poetry and some of the most popular quotes on the Internet. 
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    Ali Ahmad Said

    Ali Ahmad Said
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    Syrian poet working in traditional Arabic tradition with bold elements of surrealism.
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    American. Presidential inauguration poet.
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    Richard Blanco

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    Any poet who reads at a presidential inauguration becomes an instant literary superstar and that's what Richard Blanco did during Barack Obama's second inauguration. He added to his status by being the first openly gay, Latino, and youngest poet to spit at the inauguration.  
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    Michael Rothenberg

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    Founder of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Movement.  
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    Jacques Dupin

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    Winner of the 2011 National American Book Award for her book of poetry HEAD OFF AND SPLIT.
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    Ray González

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