6 Awesome Homeless People Saved by The Internet Anything
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6 Awesome Homeless People Saved by The Internet

Ted Williams is among several homeless people who've found success, be it financial or personal, through the wonderful use of the series of tubes we like to call "The Internet." Here are the 6 greatest homeless people ever saved by the Internet, with different stories to tell, but all equally inspiring, awesome, and mind-blowing. Thanks to the internet, several homeless people have found "Internet fame", they may not be all as successful as Ted Williams or Xi Le Ge but they're probably funnier. Click here for funny homeless guy signs.

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    Xi Li Ge Lived On the Street, Now Walks On the Runway

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    Xi Li Ge wasn't just any old beggar off the street before becoming an Internet celebrity and fashion icon. He was also a guy with the fashion sense of an avant garde stylist, who could run with the best of those guys who act like they're too good for you on television, matched with the broody demeanor of a tortured poet and the cheekbones of a Dolce & Gabbana model. Basically, this guy was BUILT for fashion.

    Xi Li Ge, or "Brother Sharp" as he's more commonly known in the fashion webosphere because of his "sharp/penetrating eyes," first attracted the attention of fashion lovers in March 2010 when someone testing out a camera accidentally photographed him and uploaded the image to the Internet.

    In the photo he's wearing a coat over a leather jacket, sporting full locks of messy hair and smoking a cigarette while walking down a road in Ningbo, China. Girls everywhere started commenting on the photo saying things like "Look at him wrinkle his brow...nothing needs to be said...sexy..." and "Brother Sharp, you are truly too handsome."

    He was, though, afterall, homeless. So...

    His internet popularity soon allowed him to sign with a fashion company, walk a fashion show in Guangzhou, be a subject of a huge painting on the street of Hangzhou and, now, have a movie in the works based on his story.

    Billionaire Yang Meimei announced in July that she plans to invest RMB 70 million to produce the movie and Hong Kong model-actor Carl Ng is rumored to play "China's sexiest homeless man."

    This guy wins. At everything.

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