6 Best Kevin Smith Moments at Comic-Con Film Directors
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6 Best Kevin Smith Moments at Comic-Con

Kevin Smith, director of "Clerks" and "Clerks 2" is mad royalty at Comic Con. Probably because he is one of the few filmmakers that knows his place in the space. Unlike other comic geeks like Tarantino and Rodriguez, he embraces his crowd and attends nearly every year. It's the best panel but even if you are at Comic Con it's tough to get in the room. For all those who were too busy checking out the cosplay girls or who were just over standing in line and waiting for days here are the 6 best moments of Kevin Smith at Comic Con, all caught on tape.

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    I'll Get Around To It, Right After...

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    Kevin Smith proves that he's no man to take an insult lightly, and completely slaughters the guy with the "balls" (or, man-t**s) to throw a jab at him in his question. The guy obviously went in with a vengeance by asking Smith whether he'd ever consider making movies with characters that doesn't suck. Kevin gives the professional response, of course. At first. Until he promises to start making good movies right after (and I quote): "I take my cock out of your mother's ass." Hm, I guess it's casual Friday today at the office?

    Kevin keeps the backlash insults going as the just-got-owned dude walks around from the mic throwing a peace sign. Smith pretty much covered every insult he could make on the man. He got him on his weight, his sex life, and his idiocy. The guy's a comedic genius.

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