6 Fast Facts About Cloud Computing! Software
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6 Fast Facts About Cloud Computing!

Here are 6 Fast Facts About Cloud Computing that you might not have known. The concept of cloud computing has been around a really long time, but is just now making its mark! Have you moved into the cloud yet? Come check out iSpaces, your cloud computer! iSpaces is fast, free, persistent and simple!... what more could you need? Go to www.ispaces.com and begin your life in the cloud today!
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    In 1961, Stanford professor John McCarthy was one of the first to suggest a time-share, service bureau computing model.

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    J.C.R. Licklider, a key man at ARPANET, predicted an intergalactic computer network from which users could access data or programs anytime, anywhere.

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    Advances in hardware, software and networking, brought the rise of appilcation service providers in the 1990's.

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    In 1997, the firm NetCentric tried to trademark the term cloud computing, but gave up the effort two years later.

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    Dell tried the same stunt a decade later, failed.

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    Research and Markets analysts expect cloud computing to be a $160.2 billion market by 2015.

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