7 Actors Who Like to Get Naked A Lot Actors
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7 Actors Who Like to Get Naked A Lot

Be it nuts, shellfish, dairy or gluten, it seems that more and more people are suffering from terrible allergies these days. This list details a few famous people who suffer from an allergy to clothing. Incredibly, Hollywood hasn't let this stand in their way.
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    A true heroine, Ms. Winslet is willing to bare all instead of reaching for that little bit of Benadryl. Particularly allergic to panties, Kate is so talented, she's able to make even literary classics look...naked. Don't get me wrong, Kate is one of my favorite people making movies. She just has a really, really difficult time keeping her clothes on.
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    Are you kidding me? Her snack tray's gonna have a star on Hollywood Blvd before the rest of her career can catch up. Have you seen HONEY? Right. 'Nuff said. I mean, honestly, I have pet mice that wear more clothes than Jess does.
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    Would it be rude to call Dame Mirren an "oldie but goodie?" Yeah, I thought so. So instead I will point out that this Hot Grandmama has shown significant skin in no less than 15 films. She makes looking naked look easy. And she does it old school.
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    Young Mr. McGregor has dropped trou in thirteen films. This means I have seen Ewen's package more than my ex-boyfriend's. I don't know if that's a reflection on him or me... But Ewen, if you're out there...you wanna grab a drink sometime?
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    Have you ever noticed Mr. McConaughey's pectoral muscles? No?! Have you been living in a mayonnaise jar for 15 years?! Some people work on resumes; Mattie just works on his Bowflex. If there was an Oscar for beating the bongos while sporting a six-pack, Mr. McConaughey would definitely be thanking the Academy.
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    Does this dude EVER wear a shirt?! Have you seen MAMA MIA? I mean...at some point it's just gotta get embarrassing, right? Surely an ex-Bond can get into a movie with a wardrobe budget. If I want to see that much fur, I'll go to the local Kit 'N Kleen. Or a pet wash.
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