7 Crazy Facts About HP Lovecraft Anything
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7 Crazy Facts About HP Lovecraft

Interesting facts about HP Lovecraft. If you're a nerd, H.P. Lovecraft invented everything awesome, and today (August 20th) is his birthday. In celebration of this weird, weird dude, we're counting off 7 crazy facts from the life of the scariest writer in the English language. Was HP lovecraft insane? Was he a genius? Was he a horrible man? He may just have been all of the above. 

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    You Can Read All His Stuff For Free!

    Ah, finally some good news! Though the actual legality of the "public domain" nature of his books is open to a slight bit of controversy, that's never stopped the internet! If you're interested in checking out the father of modern horror and science fiction, I humbly recommend you read the holy hell out of all of this.

    Happy Birthday, Howard. For all your flaws and crazy bits, you've made every geek's life a little bit better, and for that we think you've earned a good night's sleep.

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