These Disney Princess Were Absolutely Terrible Role Models Film Characters
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These Disney Princess Were Absolutely Terrible Role Models

The Princesses in Disney films are some of the most popular characters in the world. Little girls everywhere have at one time or another wanted to grow up to be one of the princesses, from singing songs with cute forest animals to marrying Prince Charming while wearing their amazing wedding gown. Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella and the rest are considered role models, but has any one taken the time to look behind the dough eyes and catchy songs? Could it be that these adored characters are nothing more than anti-feminist propaganda? This list will show some reasons that you might not want your little girl to grow up to be a Disney Princess.

The Disney Princesses used in this list are the current lineup of "official" Disney princesses. Other Disney heroines like Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Princess Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire), Nala (The Lion King), etc. have not been reviewed, so please do not feel slighted because Megara or Esmeralda did not make the list and you believe they are worse role models than those present.

And just in case you think it couldn't get any worse, check out Ranker's list of Racist Disney Cartoons.

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    Anyone who says that Ariel is her favorite Princess is usually either a bitch or a redhead. Or both. Anyone who thinks that Ariel is a good example of what a woman should be probably hasn’t seen the movie or doesn’t really understand what "independent" means. Ariel certainly is strong willed, but she is hardly independent. She wants to leave the sea, which is ruled by her caring, land-loathing father, to go on land to marry some guy she doesn’t know a thing about, who rules some little principality in whatever European country that the movie takes place in. Her station isn’t going to change.

    It’s not like she wants legs to become a dealer of rare and collectible forks. No, she wants legs to try and bang some dude she doesn’t even know— who makes it a hobby of feeding on some of her best friends—in hopes that life on land will somehow be better than being the most beloved princess in the ocean. Hell, the whole message of "Part of That World" is about how her life is perfect under the sea, but that just isn’t enough for her. Further, to get those legs, Ariel has to sell her voice (the original Hans Christian Andersen story tells us mermaids don’t have souls) and the sea witch, Ursula, even tells her how useless a voice is for a woman in "winning" a man, anyway. Her body is supposed to be her key to his heart, not her thoughts or vocal ability (how was she to know Eric had a thing for sopranos?). It’s to be a romance based in nothing but how pretty each is to the other.

    Now, if Ariel actually knew a thing about Prince Eric other than how he likes boats and how he's handsome, then I’d be all for their star-crossed romance. Instead, we’re given a heroine who tells her family (who all love and support her) to F-off and sells her voice to a witch to have a chance to be with some guy she doesn’t even know. All of this is definitely the message you want to give to your impressionable young children.

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