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7 Hottest Hacker Chicks in Internet History

These 7 computer freaks are a security breach we'd totally let happen. To us. As men. Hacker chicks have got to be the internet's greatest product. Their mix of intelligence, geekiness and sex appeal is a code nobody wants to crack, and the fact that they play with fire makes them that much hotter. So here are the hottest hacker chicks in internet history along with their stories, what they're good at and a few pics of what they look like.

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    Adeanna Cooke

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    Adeanna Cooke is one former Playboy model you don't want to mess with. That's right, a former Playmate is on this list. Boo yah!

    Sure she's taken some naked pictures, but the woman has her dignity intact. A former friend of hers decided to post on the internet as her and also decided to take money for doing so. This did not sit well with her. If anyone was going to be making money off her slamming body, it was going to be her.

    When she came across an unauthorized website with her face (and body) on it, she took matters into her own hands and hacked into the account herself to take them down. Bad. Ass.

    After finding success in her attempts, Cooke also used her hacking gift to help out others in similar situations, becoming known as the "Hacker Fairy" to other troubled women being taken advantage of on the Internet. See a video of Cooke in action below.

    She really sets the example for female hackers because she, like a lot of them, are something called "Hactivists", kind of like in the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: they're out to be almost cyber vigilantes -- fighting against internet evil at every turn. Worst part about cyber vigilantes in this case is that we don't get the whole spandex treatment.

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    Click the picture for the video about Adeanna and why she can teach you things you've never even dreamed (about hacking.)

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