7 Reasons Obama Will Be A One-Term Wonder Anything

7 Reasons Obama Will Be A One-Term Wonder

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Promise, promises, promises. It turns out President Barack Obama's campaign promises were all nothing more than the standard-issue drivel that Americans have become so accustomed to from politicians desperately seeking power for no apparent reason other than to say, "I'm the king of the worrrrrrrld!"

Obama instilled so much "hope" for "change" in people during his campaign. He was supposed to make "all the bad things" go away.

To date however, well in to his first term, he's not done much to accomplish any of his promises. He's touched on issues he was voted-in to fix, but alas, has entirely failed to actually fix them. Further-more, in most instances it can logically be argued that he's actually made very many bad things worse.

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    Health Insurance Reform

    The mission that started as Obama’s health "care" reform magically morphed in to health "insurance" reform. Too much corruption and fraud made insurance companies do strange and dirty things...like turning people away in their times of need.

    The promise was to fix all of that.

    Whereas before many, many, many Americans weren't able to afford health insurance at all and therefore lived their lives uninsured. One wave of the reform wand was supposed to change all of that.

    Now many, many, many Americans still can't afford health insurance, but will very soon be forced to buy it.

    In the good old days, if you couldn't afford to insure yourself, you would simply die due to a lack of funds to fix your body. If you had been silly enough to seek medical attention without insurance, you would most likely have gotten yourself fixed then gone bankrupt after being expected to pay for 5,000 painkillers at $5 each.

    Thanks to health "insurance" reform, you must buy insurance, or be penalized come tax time. If you are too poor to feed your kids, let alone buy insurance, the government will find tax dollars to get you insured.

    Seems the only difference is that more people will be buying health insurance. That's not reform, that's profit.

    In the meantime, the right to die of poverty has essentially been stripped from every single American, as those who can't afford forced health insurance, will have insurance appointed to them.
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    The BP Oil Spill

    Some prefer to blame The President for the British Petroleum oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, which Washington refers to as a "leak."

    That's an absurd train of thought.

    Not so absurd, however, is that the likely one-term wonder has done absolutely nothing to get the gusher to stop spewing more environmental poison into the gulf.

    No military ac-tion. No government take-over. No Executive Order of action. Nothing. Not even a nasty letter of complaint.

    Just a field trip to the site and a speech, from which all that was learned was that when President Obama goes to bed at night, the gusher is the last thing he thinks of, and when he wakes up in the morning, it's the first thought on his mind. Bravo.

    If thoughts could move mountains, we'd have world peace... but they don't, and so we don't. And so he hasn't.
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    The Pope, The Vatican and The Supreme Court of the United States of America

    Oh, if only priests and little children would mix better. During the Obama presidency, scandal has managed to hit the Vatican...again. It seems this time the cover-up of the as-per-usual priests molesting children might have been choreographed to some extent by the currently seated Pope.

    Being as sexually abusing children always does, and always should, lead to court proceedings, the pickle in the jar seems to have become how to handle calling a Pope into court for a trial that may incriminate him.

    It all seems so easy, subpoena the guy then ask him questions under oath...just like what happens when anyone else gets accused of covering up a child molestation ring.

    The line between church and state has already been pretty blurry throughout US history. Add to that blur a Supreme Court run by Justices that pray to the same deity the Pope prays to and you get a nifty workaround.

    There's been a decision -- supported by President Obama -- by the office of his Supreme Court nominee Solicitor General of the United States Elena Kagan, to recognize the Vatican as a sovereign nation...essentially making it impossible to get the Pope called in to a US court.

    Perhaps voters will recognize the Obama administration recognizing the Vatican as a sovereign nation (in this instance) as a sign that his heart and energy might be in the wrong part of the world.

    The Public: "Over here! We’re still sinking in debt and displacement! Let’s bring some sovereignty back to America!"
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    The Tea Party

    Laugh at them until your gut bursts, but the Tea Party clan is getting some serious media attention.

    Essentially an extension of the Republican Party -- the Republican Party Annex, if you will -- is basically the second prong of a two-pronged attack to get a conservative back in the White House.

    Companies re-brand themselves after disasters all the time; why would it be so surprising that a political party would too?

    After the Dubya disaster led to a Democratic led Congress and a Democratic White House, it's likely the GOP in Washington woke up and gave themselves some new eyeliner and lipstick (figuratively speaking, of course).

    With conservatives running two parties against one democratic, it's fair to say the incumbent will have a high hill to climb while being attacked by two sides.
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    CARD Act

    An act of robbery disguised as help for Joe and Jane Q. Citizen.

    The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act, which passed with much support by President Obama, was presented as something that would regu-late the robbery credit card issuing banks commit against their victims, (whom they refer to as "customers").

    The bill, between passage and activation, allowed so much "needed" time for banks to adjust their computer programs to satisfy the new legislation that, in the end, everyone got robbed even more than before.

    Actually, everyone is still getting robbed, and likely will continue to get robbed for the foreseeable f*ture (read: eternity).

    All that's actually changed due to the passage of the CARD Act is that everyone now has higher credit card APRs than they did before and credit card statements now each have a chart that explains how much money in financing they will be spending.

    As if people, by seeing that chart, will magically find big ole' sacks of money in their yards to pay their cards off with immediately.
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    Call it 9.7%. Call it 9.8%. Call it a cat with fish breath. 10% national unemployment is 10% national unemployment.

    Look at it with glasses on, instead of through the astigmatic eyes of Washington, however, and you'll find that in actuality, closer to 20% of Americans are not working, or at least not working full-time when they ought to be.

    To some, those numbers might be acceptable for 3 months or so, but to voters, 2 years is more than enough time to prove the role of president is not a role to be given to the wrong person.

    Voters likely will remember, even if they are gainfully employed come re-election time, that they lived like, or as, transients for oh so long.

    There's not a chance in the world that the newly homeless – including those with Masters degrees -- will continue paying rent for the White House while the person living there is slowly killing the hardworking backbone of society.
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    The Loner Syndrome

    Having no friends in High School is bad enough. But no friends at work? That's gotta suck.

    Sitting in the Oval Office with no one to play with... now that must REALLY hurt.

    What with making promises that were nowhere near kept, ruining the financial lives of all American credit card holders, keeping people out of work for literally years, defending a child molester, forcing people to buy corrupt insurance or risk punishment, allowing oil to be vomited in to the Gulf of Mexico with no end in sight, it seems President Barack Obama has been ditched by a great portion of his own Democratic party.

    With no real friends to back him up, he’ll have no choice but to campaign for reelection based on merits…merits born from records proving nothing but failure after endless failure.
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