15 Strange Ways Harry Potter Has Become a Reality

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On June 30th, 1997, J.K. Rowling's novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released in book stores. No one could have predicted the influence it would have over the course of the next decade and a half. Every book and film in the series (seven books, eight movies in total) has debuted at number 1 and they have inspired countless other franchises, as well as some of the craziest and most dedicated fans imaginable.

What no one could have known was that many elements of the books would have found their way into our own, practical reality. These are, after all, novels about a secret world of wizards and witches, practicing magic right under the nose of the ignorant non-magical "Muggles."

If you're asking yourself "Is magic real like in Harry Potter," the answer is definitely no. Yet as this list proves, Harry Potter has created some magical happenings in the real world. Drop by another list to rank the Harry Potter movies from best to worst. As this film series enters the canon of popular films, will the Harry Potter mythology inspire even more fans and Hogwarts maniacs to attempt to recreate their favorite fantasy universe on Earth?
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