7 TV Channels That Forgot What They’re About Anything
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7 TV Channels That Forgot What They’re About

A sad fact of television is that at the end of the day, it’s not about producing stuff of artistic merit, it’s about making stuff that will grab the most viewers. This is why most “niche” television channels slowly but surely drift away from their original constituency and become about something else entirely. What, you want examples? Way ahead of you – I’ve got seven of them. Because that’s how list articles work.

So, what channels have forgot what they're about? Well, for starters, TLC seems to be the prime example. How do you go from being The Learning Channel to airing, thus bringing to fame, "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo?" There's definitely nothing to learn from that show, to put it mildly. Not all TV channels losing their way has been a bad thing. "Breaking Bad" isn't what AMC originally intended to air when it first launched. Instead it was to pay tribute to the Golden Age of Cinema by airing the best films of the earliest decades.

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    TLC - The Learning Channel

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    What They Show

    Mostly reality shows. Stuff like "Trading Spaces" and "Junkyard Wars" justify their existence on The Learning Channel by being slightly more documentary in nature than most reality shows. These shows focus more on the stuff that they find in junkyards and... whatever-the-hell-it-is-Trading-Spaces-is-about, instead of answering more standard reality show questions, like, "Who can eat the most worms?" and "Who can be the most hilarious stereotype?"

    What Happened?

    Some of the younger folk out there in Internet Land may not realize this, but The Learning Channel was once about learning – like, in the academic sense. Blocks such as "Ready Set Learn" and "Cable in the Classroom" were early staples that pioneered the medium of television's potential as a teaching aid.

    Obviously, this didn't catch on, because television has always been about being dumb. After the non-profit organization that owned TLC went bankrupt in 1991, the Discovery Channel snatched them up and started slowly pushing them towards less informative, more sensationalist content.

    In 2006, they finally dropped their revisionist "Life Unscripted" tagline and (to make reality TV sound cool) replaced it with "Live and Learn," still desperately implying that a) the "L" in TLC stands for "Life" and b) that the channel has anything at all to teach you.

    And then get Luvs?

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