8 Awesome Videos of Animals Playing Video Games Anything
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8 Awesome Videos of Animals Playing Video Games

Videos of animals playing video games. Showing us all, once again, that video games appeal to our most base instincts and that we, as human animals, NEED them to be happy, here are 8 videos of animals enjoying video games on an intellectually stimulating level.

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    Bulldog Plays Skateboarding Game

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    If you guys are at all familiar with the skateboarding bulldog on Youtube , here he is again doing bigger and better tricks on the Tony Hawk skateboarding video game than I have been able to (read: cared enough to) do.

    The way he grinds the rail and does a sick 360 in the air (0:44) makes you think his paws are magical, or that he's really a human, trapped in a floppy, adorable little body.

    Some dogs are more talented than most of us at things that we invented. I, for one, welcome our new, cuddly, tail-wagging overlords.

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