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Videos of animals playing video games. Showing us all, once again, that video games appeal to our most base instincts and that we, as human animals, NEED them to be happy, here are 8 videos of animals enjoying video games on an intellectually stimulating level.

Bulldog Plays Skateboarding Game

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If you guys are at all familiar with the late skateboarding bulldog on Youtube, here he is again doing bigger and better tricks on the Tony Hawk skateboarding video game than I have been able to (read: cared enough to) do.

The way he grinds the rail and does a sick 360 in the air (0:44) makes you think his paws are magical, or that he's really a human trapped in a floppy, adorable little body.

Some dogs are more talented than most of us at things that we invented. I, for one, welcome our new, cuddly, tail-wagging overlords.

Cat "Playing" Duck Hunt

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Video: YouTube
Here is a cat. This list is on the internet, so it requires a cat.

*Composes self*

Here's a video of a cute little kitty entranced in a game of Duck Hunt, while completely ignoring the rules. She's like the kids who would handle the joysticks at arcades while the "Insert Coin" banner was flashing across the screen showing everybody that they were CLEARLY not playing, but would still not let you ACTUALLY play for some reason.

By the way she's sitting inches away from the computer screen and grabbing at the images in front of her, you'd almost think she's human. A really dumb, cute human... with a hair growth problem. Come to think of it, they'd have to be kind of a mutant... which is kind of terrifying.

Dog vs. Cat in a Wii Tennis Grudge Match

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Well of course dogs and cats would be good at Wii Tennis. Why wouldn't they be? They've got great hand-eye coordination and they like chasing balls in real life anyway. So, strap their paws to a Wii-mote and it's like we're watching the US Open of domestic animals. Who needs Cats & Dogs or even Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore when you've got this clash of the titans?

You can tell the cat is a bit more conniving because she tries distracting her dog competitor with meows, psyching him out.

And yes, every cat is a female and every dog is a male. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Nintendo DS Gorilla

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Nintendo DS is so addictive that even apes know not to have their babies play with them for too long. Here's a mama ape flashing a pissed-off look as she nonchalantly ignores her kid wanting to play with the DS in her hand. She shrugs him off and slaps his hand when he attempts to grab it from her. Sound familiar?

But here's something Mom has never done to any of (well, most of) us, stick the DS in her mouth while she walks away. It's called parenting, people.

Pigs Playing Chimp Game

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Video: YouTube
Many are under the assumption that pigs have no real useful abilities other than just being delicious, running in mud, eating all day, and making everybody cry when their pet spiders die.

In this video, however, that assumption is proven completely wrong.

Hamlet, a pig (cruelly named after what his dead, cooked, delicious brethren are called) under the observation of animal psychiatrists, has developed joystick operating skills so advanced that some scientists are starting to believe pigs are actually smarter than dogs.

Hamlet excels at playing video games designed for chimpanzees while the dog in a similar experiment (also shown in the video) needs significantly more help.

Dog (Not a Boxer) Playing Wii Boxing

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Video: YouTube
How does it feel to be punched out by a dog? Finally, people who are not toddlers can answer this question!

The poor player that had to go up against this superdog in Wii Boxing knows and here we have a video of them learning exactly why.

With a Wii-mote strapped to his front paws, the dog continually pounds his human competitor until he won the big game. Now that's a good way of punishing your owner for leaving the house for a period a little longer than 10 hours.

Chimp Playing Pac-Man

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Video: YouTube
In this video, an animal scientist is observing a chimpanzee playing Pac-Man.

The chimp is in a laboratory of sorts - reminding us all of the first parts of the movie Congo - and is intensely focused on the game for most of the video.

With minor help from a human participant, the chimp even knows when to run away from the ghosts and when to eat them. The video never shows the chimp winning a game but he does come pretty darn close... and then walks away, like he knows how good he is an a victory would only sully his honor.

Dog Playing Wii Tennis

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Video: YouTube
In this video, the Wii dog (who is at it again somehow), beats his competitor out of necessity.

The beanie-wearing frat guy is just THAT annoying. So, while the rest of the house bark and howl during their Wii Tennis match, the dog just calmly kicks the s**t out of his opposing player. Then he tells him to get the hell out of the house.

Next thing you'll know, the dog will demand his human counterpart to lift a leg while peeing outside.