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Casual Games 8 Biggest Recent Gaming Industry Disappointments  

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Sometimes, the gaming industry breaks our hearst and souls. From bringing Facebook to your consoles to Duke Nukem Forever, to the entire DLC-points-buying system, here are the 8 biggest disappointments the Gaming industry has brought us in the last few years.

Social Networks on Consoles

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If there was one announcement that really made a collective groan from gamers everywhere it was Microsoft’s update on their console to include social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter. I am pretty sure that I’d never want to use a game controller to select letter-by-letter, and I'm still not going to buy another special keyboard just to play on my console.

Nor, do I want to edit my Facebook status via XBox Live; even when it’s less than 200 characters, that’s still a lot of time spent.

My G1/iPhone/COMPUTER get me through Facebook and Twitter well, being how it they all have keyboards and all, and I can do it from anywhere.

Consoles are not really the place I’d look to use to log into Facebook, twitter or any of the other Social Networking.

Last Fm, on the other hand, is a good idea for internet radio, and with that thought in mind, I think adding Jango, Pandora, and hell webcast and podcast support would have been much more up to speed in the entertainment center vein. Last.
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Buying Downloadable Content Via A Fixed-Points System

While this may not be that recent, it's something that could very well be changed by now, but isn't. We can upload films, stream TV, go on our social networks, but we can't buy anything with anything other than POINTS? Points that must be bought in fixed-point-value bundles? Why? Because it's the outright, uninhibited, gouging of the customer by the video game companies.

Fixed point values? Why not just pay for what you want? Leftover points can turn into spur-the-moment purchases. It's genius, and it often works (the ONLY reason I re-bought Mortal Kombat 2)

But when I'm low on cash, I don't want to spend $7 to rent a movie, I want to rent the movie for a reasonable price instead of spending extra money on stuff I didn't originally want.

This is a paradigm that, with everything moving to DLC/Streaming, needs to change for the good of everyone's pocket book.

The To Hands-Free/Motion Capture

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The move to motion-capture/hands free gaming is really something that is pandering to niche (niche, for once, read as "the general public"), much like the Wii did. The Wii was allowed to do so, though, because at the time there was room for diversity in the industry. Since then, the Wii has become a staple at frat parties, old folks' homes and a great way for couples to game... but it's really not revolutionizing gaming in any way shape or form -- it's bringing it to a standstill.

Last time I checked, we've had bowling games like Wii bowling since I was 9.

Microsoft's NATAL and Sony's PS Move is trying to move the industry in this direction and it's simply going to keep gaming where it is after we've made all these unbelievable advances in actual look and game play.

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Every few years an announcement comes our way, giving us glimmering hope for our cigar smoking, American badass with more guns than an entire army. Of course, I mean Duke Nukem forever.

This dream shared by many gamers has officially been canceled by the way of 3D realms going under as of 2009. Adding insult to injury is that shortly after the news hit headlines, a trailer showing off some video of the game surfaced and it looked quite bad ass; showcasing some impressive looking warthog badguys, and some alien squids.

However the Duke Nukem trilogy being developed for the DS and the PSP looks to still be on until that eventual, inevitable news is shared.

But for now—we can hold hope for these games to be developed and either way, we don't want it for our PSP -- it deserves a full console release.

Speaking of PSPs...
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When I heard about this update, sans the UMD, I was really excited. As a Handheld buff I was ready for this update to PSP.

It always has felt too big for my hands and always seemed like it was too expensive as a gaming device; lagging behind when contrasted to the home consoles.

After Sony’s gripes about the UMD’s expense, by chopping that out it would be a cheaper version of the unit.

And when they mentioned they’d support UMD conversion it had to be awesome. It just HAD to be... until...

We heard that it was going to cost MORE than the current PSPs, and they weren’t going to support UMD conversion.

So we’d be paying a lot more money to transfer for the slick new device. I know the launch has killed any chance of me updating. Ever.

DSI Ware

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With Sam and Max and Monkey Island have been rocking out in terms of bringing old point and click adventure games back to the world to show us why we loved them in the first place; but the Larry games continue to miss the point.

The games we were all playing in our college dorm rooms, or while our parents didn't understand what they'd just bought us, were (in the last two years or so) given a mediocre kick in the face!

They didn't age well like Monkey Island, but instead the Larry games suffered from someone trying to bring back something from the dead without rethinking what made it a classic.

The humor is over the top in the way that makes people puke in their mouths, and the game controls remain horrible. We can only keep hoping someone does justice and adapts Larry to the new millenium soon.

Or better yet, maybe they can make another Space Quest.
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