8 Crazy Videos of Old-Timey People Not Giving A F*ck People
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8 Crazy Videos of Old-Timey People Not Giving A F*ck

If you thought poor judgement and a reckless disregard for personal safety and the welfare of others were a product of recent generations, you've got another thing coming! The following 8 videos are proof that people were just not giving a f*ck long before the days of hipsters and reality TV.

Many of these videos feature shots of people on-the-job in an era before strict safety regulations, when employees were free to risk life and limb in pursuit of a paycheck. (Often without even wearing helmets.) Others are clips of entertainment acts using shock or danger to woo audiences, like an old school Michael Bay, but with fewer talking outer space robots. Taken together, they show us a society that was obviously a bit less sheltered and pampered than our present one, even if it was a bit more terrifyingly accident prone.

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    Cutlery Throwing Mother Doesn't Give a F*ck

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    Meet Louella Gallagher, who, along with her daughters Connie Anne (5) and Collina Sue (2 and a half), demonstrates how you can take a negative attribute like not being able to nail a standing target with a kitchen knife and turn it into a crowd-gathering marvel. Watch and be amazed at this astonishing video in which no f*cks are given while Louella fearlessly hurls dangerously sharp knives at her little girls for shocked spectators and a camera crew. Be sure you have the volume on during this clip, because the narration is half the fun.

    0:06 "Connie Anne is a veteran at being a target for her mother's cutlery, and doesn't turn a hair at Ma's cut-ups, even though Ma's pretty sharp with the cleavers."

    0:26 "It takes a steady aim and a stout heart to heave knives at the apple of your eye, but this female William Tell has no qualms and plenty of faith!"

    Do yourself a favor and pause the clip at 0:42. What is that look in Louella's face? anticipation? Excitement? Whatever it is, this is not the look you want someone throwing weapons at you to be having.

    Sure enough, only three seconds later at 0:45, Collina Sue is getting fidgety as a knife is improperly executed and bounces off the wooden board and grazes her arm. The narrator doesn't seem to be worried, "This miss says it's as good as a smile!"

    Louella seems to be more determined than ever to show off her skills at 0:52 during Collina's close-up. The knives land closer around her face and you can clearly see the wind in Collina's hair as the blades speed past her. After watching this video, I'm really curious to see what exactly qualified as child endangerment in those days.

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