8 Times Figures of Speech Happened Literally Anything
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8 Times Figures of Speech Happened Literally

There's a reason we use metaphors instead of literal language all the time: metaphors are more fun. Also, "I hope your performance goes well" has way more syllables than "break a leg," and every second we waste talking to people is another second we can't spend on Twitter. But it looks like we've been tempting fate, because some of these metaphors actually happen in real life.

When have events we thought were just figures of speech actually happened? From laughter actually being prescribed as medicine, to the actual smell of fear, sometimes figures of speech arent' just language - they're real life. This list features 8 times that idioms or figures of speech have happened in a literal sense.

Speaking of the "break a leg" thing...

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    Actress Breaks Leg During Show

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    Did you know that the reason we say “break a leg” instead of “good luck” is because it’s bad luck to say “good luck”? And why is that? Well, actress Aicha Kossoko, literally broke her leg during a performance of The Taming of the Shrew. Do you think it happened because somebody wished her “good luck”?

    See the above video (for English Language Learners!) where the phrase is agonizingly explained.

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