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8 Excellent Celebrity Breast Augmentations

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These actresses and models have figures that women all over the world want to copy. Interested in augmenting your curves? Call Leslie at 866-978-2573, x 119.
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    Pamela's breast have helped define her career. One of Playboy's most famous cover girls, she has had multiple surgeries, and is currently thought to be a DD. Anderson’s implants are largely credited for helping start the whole breast implant craze in America.
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    Gisel did not always fill out her bikinis so well. The model had a more traditional "model" figure in her early years. While she has not spoken of her surgery, runway photos of Gisel speak for themselves. Gisel is considered to have one of the best bodies in modeling. Chat us for more information on enhancing your figure: 866-978-2573.
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    The former Playboy model -- rumored to be a size 38-D -- said she was "too young" when she got implants at 19. She had them downsized years later to a size that she says, "fit better in clothes".
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    It's been reported that Demi Moore has spent more than $200,000 on cosmetic surgery on her body and face. She changed her breast implants from bigger to smaller and from smaller to bigger several times and at the beginning of her career, most notably showing them off in the memorable flop, Striptease. Most can find much more affordable options. Contact Leslie at 866-978-2573, ext. 119 to discuss options.
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    Long before hosting Dancing with the Stars, Brooke was married to one of the top plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area. Many think Brooke has had a nose job in addition to her implants.
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    While the actress has not admitted to surgery, Salma's breasts appear to have grown from small C-cups to porn-size double D-cups. While some people attribute the growth in her bust to weight gain, this claim appears unfounded as only implants can create such a dramatic change.  http://patients.nuehealth.com/cosmetic.
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    Carmen Electra is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 8 Excellent Celebrity Breast Augmentations
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    Carmen, now a DD, first gained attention for posing in Playboy magazine. She says that she was persuaded to go under the knife by a friend with implants, who assured her that life would improve as a result. Interested in a change? Get costs for breast augmentation by visiting http://pdf.nuehealth.com/cosmetic-guidelines-breast-augmentation/
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    Halle Berry is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 8 Excellent Celebrity Breast Augmentations
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    Did she or didn't she? Halle denies it, but rumors have her getting size 36C implants early in her career.
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