10 People Who Died Playing Video Games Causes of Death
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10 People Who Died Playing Video Games

Any video game player worth their salt knows the feeling. Just ONE more level, ONE more achievement, ONE last item before dinner, sleep, or (shudder) some actual human interaction. Four hours later, and you’re still staring blankly at the screen, mouth ajar, hands balled up into an arthritic mass of digits, and any thoughts you once had about tending to your basic human needs are long since forgotten or pushed off indefinitely as you plug along for that never ending quest for virtual fulfillment. It’s easy to forget that our own bodies need as much tending to as our farms or guilds, heck, maybe even more so. Here’s a list of people who died neglecting their real-life health bars for their video game equivalents.

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    3-Day Gaming Binge Kills Taiwanese Man

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    January 21, 2015: Only three weeks into 2015, already two Taiwanese men died from marathon gaming binges. The first was a 38-year-old man who was found dead after playing video games for five days straight in an Internet cafe in Taipei. The second, 32-year-old Hsieh, died from cardiac arrest after playing for three days without stopping. 

    Even worse, workers at the Kaohsiung Internet cafe didn't discover that Hsieh was dead for HOURS. He'd been known to sleep face down on the table during his gaming binges, but when workers found him sprawled out and unresponsive, they finally sent him to the hospital. Authorities believe that cold temps and over-exhaustion were to blame. They noted that none of the other games in the cafe seemed to even notice that one of their own was being carted off, stiff as a board, by paramedics.

    If there's a lesson to be learned (beside "don't play video games for days without stopping to sleep or eat"), it's this: don't get caught in an emergency around gamers. Unless your dying body impedes their ability to play, they'll probably be no help at all.

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