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8 Video Game Fights We Want To See, But, Never Will.

www.thenetwerk.com/ The Netwerk compiled a list of 8 fights from video game characters that we would love to see, but, probably never will.
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    Mother Brain vs. Red Falcon

    This is the classic duel between the heart and the brain. This is a fight that every human being struggles with every day, my brain says to do this but my heart is telling me otherwise. What wins the majority of the time? The heart. Lets take a look at the offense and defense. Mother Brain has a ton of defense, which includes turrets and lasers shooting in every which direction, not to mention a missile proof glass encasement that is very hard to bust through. Her offense on the other hand is okay at best. Once you bust through the glass you can just go to town on that giant pulsating brain of hers.

    Red Falcons defense is a bit nonexistent. Its just a huge heart with giant spider aliens running away from it. The spider aliens offer no help whatsoever. Now, how about that Red Falcon offense. There is none! Maybe Mother Brain and Red Falcon shouldnt fight after all. They should just get together and form one real bad space organ terrorist group. they will be called The Organ Organization Of Intergalactic Space Terror.
    Mother Brain

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    Zangief vs. Goro

    I know what you're gonna say, all you have to do is stay a good distance away from Goro and jump kick him in the face. Thats all well and good if you can jump. Zangief jumps as well as a 400 lb. white dude with one leg and two toes. For Zangief to have any chance, he is gonna have to get in close and pull off some MMA type moves and grapples. But, what happens when you get too close to Goro? He grabs your waist and pummels the s**t out of your face. Now that Zangiefs offense is thwarted, what else is left for him to do.

    Zangief is too slow to run away and his body is too big and bulky to post up a good defense. Goro, on the other hand is surprisingly quick and his defense is superior to most because of his extra set of arms. When Goro folds his arms its like a forcefield made up of muscle and flesh.

  3. 3

    Guile vs. Guile (Van Damme)

    I have been dying to see this fight since the original Street Fighter movie hit theaters. Back then, Van Damme was the go to guy if you needed a well Choreographed ass kicking on film. He was a pretty face with a dancers precision. Too bad this fight is not taking place in the real world. If Guile was a real dude, hed be a cross between Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris. Guile could find Bin Laden in about 46 minutes and end the war on terror with one swift flash kick to the face of our enemy.

    The fight would go like this. Guile would be poised and ready to fight, anxious for the bell to ring. Guile (Van Damme) would be poised and ready for make-up. Guile would plan his first few moves before the fight even begins. Guile (Van Damme) would be making a move on the hottest girl in the vicinity. The bell will ring and Guile moves in for attack. Guile (Van Damme) waits for the director to yell Action while he gets his head kicked off by a lightning quick flashkick.

  4. 4

    Samus vs. Mega Man

    I didnt know how I this fight should go down. Were Mega Man and Samus gonna be fully powered up as if you were playing their characters near the later stages of their respective games? Or were they gonna fight with their powers minimized to their bare bones? Then I thought, would I wanna see two boxers fight each other without proper training? No, I wouldnt. What good is a fight if the two combatants arent granted their full arsenal. Lets face it, at full power, Samus stands no chance. Mega Man has way too many weapons to defend against. Samus would be playing defense for the majority of the fight.

    But, then something interesting happens. Samus rolls into a ball and starts bombing away. All Mega Man has to do is steer clear of the bombs, but, that does not happen. Have you ever noticed how Samus bombs look an awful lot like those little energy balls that Mega Man eats for power? A confused Mega Man would begin to eat these bombs out of confusion. Mega Man would then go on to literally eat himself to death.

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  5. 5

    Double Dragons vs Bad Dudes

    This is the coolest fight on the board, two Brothers fighting against their neighborhood gang and two partners fighting their way through a horde of terrorist who kidnapped the Presidents daughter. They meet in the middle and decide to beat the s**t out of each other. First, the Dragons grab some weapons off the floor before they disappear into thin air. Then the Bad Dudes look at the dragons with their arms crossed and say, Nope, we do not do weapons, we use our fists!. The Dragons graciously drop their weapons as a group of local gang members and international terrorists storm the scene. The Bad Dudes are now fighting back to back with the Dragons. It is an ass kicking for all to behold. After all the enemies are dropped, the four guys catch their breathe and decide to shake on it. But then Jimmy Lee, (Billys evil twin) turns his back on his brother and joins the Bad Dudes.

    Now its a three on one and Billy goes down for the count. The Bad Dudes then get some intel from a bloodied Billy Lee just before he passes out from the beating of a lifetime. Billy whispers this into the ears of the Bad Dudes, Jimmy is the one who kidnapped the Presidents little girl. As Billy passes out the Bad Dudes yell out their iconic battle cry, Bad Dudes. They give each other a high five and commence to kicking the ass of a red leather jacket clad Jimmy Lee.
    Bad Dudes

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