Rare, Powerful Photos from September 11, 2001

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The graphic and banned images from 9/11 on this list are potentially disturbing, so viewer discretion advised. For Americans, there is no single event in modern history as sobering as 9/11. It was an event so horrific, it redefined the world we live in. If you lived through September 11th, whether from New York or Namibia, you'll always remember exactly where you were when you heard the news that a passenger plane struck one of the towers, and then the other.

September 11th, 2001 is when everything changed. It shook us to our core, it made us aware of the dangers we faced, but most of all, it brought us together. As a country we rose from the devastation and united to show the world that we wouldn't be overcome by acts of terrorism. We proved that we wouldn't let the thousands we lost in New York and Washington D.C. die in vain. 

A warning: some of these photos from September 11th are graphic and disturbing. In fact, a few of these rare 9/11 photos were even banned in the early days after the attacks. Others have become iconic 9/11 photos that symbolize the strength and resilience of the American people. Let these pictures inspire you.

Here we honor those who lost their lives in the planes, in the towers themselves, and in the surrounding buildings and devastation. We honor those impossibly brave first responders, many of whom gave their lives in order to save everyone they could. With these photos, we remember that day, and we remember those we lost, and we build a stronger America in their honor.
Collection Photo:  Kim Carpenter
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