9 Biggest WTF Ice Cream Truck Incidents Ever Anything
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9 Biggest WTF Ice Cream Truck Incidents Ever

Ice cream trucks are a staple of almost every childhood summer. But ice cream truck drivers are often a not so innocent story. This stories on this list of WTF ice cream truck incidents range from creepy, to inexplicably hilarious, to just downright astounding. Ice cream trucks aren't just melodic, cheerful deliverers of joy, they can also be magnets for residents of Crazy Town.

From a child molester driving an ice cream truck as his "after prison" job, to a guy dancing in the middle of the street only to be run down by an ice cream truck, to the ice cream truck saga that ended in murder, these are the biggest WTF moments in ice cream truck history.

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    Great Dancer Is Hit By Ice Cream Truck, Groove Ruined

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    One of the men in this video is an enthusiastic camera man, while the other is an enthusiastic, proud, and accomplished thug who also to dance in the streets. After treating the cars behind him on the street like mere props in the music video that is his life, he starts stepping around, making huge strides across not the middle of a street, but an open intersection.

    After about 38 seconds of footage, you come to the realization, that the intersection is going to hit back... via the ice cream truck. Like many "people getting hurt" videos, this is absolutely hilarious... and then you feel bad and wonder what happened to the guy.

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