A Random Collection of 30 Hilarious YouTube Comments Anything
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A Random Collection of 30 Hilarious YouTube Comments

If you have some spare time on your hands (and clearly you do, because you're on the Internet), you can find some amazingly hilarious YouTube comments on some of the videos on the content sharing website. The funny YouTube comments range from sarcastic to mean to painfully obvious, but all have one thing in common: piss your pants hilarity.

Now, the Internet (and YouTube in particular) has plenty of funny viral songs, funny videos, and other assorted comic gems, but that's not what you're about to behold. These amusing YouTube comments often defy logic and rational thinking, as any crazy video comment should, which is why they've been compiled in a collection of insane video comments for your viewing and reading pleasure.

These nuggets of comedy gold masquerading as funny video comments are here and ready for your viewing pleasure. Vote for your favorite hilarious video comments and get the best of the worst/best comments to the top of the funny YouTube comments list. 
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