11 TV Stars Whose Pregnancies Became Major Storylines

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When a television actress becomes pregnant in real-life, it can affect her character's storyline. Several famous ladies have had their pregnancies written into the plot of their sitcoms or dramas. One famous actress has tried everything with her three pregnancies including missing episodes, using strategically placed props, and adjusting her character's storyline.

This list of actresses whose pregnancies became storylines has been loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Who is the most famous actress whose pregnancy became a storyline? Jennifer Garner tops our list. Garner filmed "Alias" during her 2005 pregnancy, which was written into the script. Lisa Kudrow filmed "Friends" during her pregnancy in 1998. Writers developed a storyline in which her character, Phoebe, acted as a surrogate for her brother's triplets. Kudrow could not fly to London for the season four finale (Ross's wedding) because of her real-life pregnancy.

Rachel Griffiths missed four episodes of the third season of "Six Feet Under" because of her first pregnancy. She filmed throughout her second pregnancy, and the writers wrote her pregnancy into Brenda's storyline. She filmed "Brothers and Sisters" during her third pregnancy, but it did not effect her character's storyline.

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