60+ Adopted Celebrities People
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60+ Adopted Celebrities

List Criteria: These famous people who were brought up by parents other than their own biological parents are listed in no particular order

List of adopted celebrities, famous adoption people, celebrity adoptions, celebrity adoptees, famous adoptees, and famous people who were adopted.
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  1. 1955 More
    Given up and adopted at birth
  2. 1926 More
    Grew up with foster parents, family friends, and various aunt and uncles as a ward of the ... more
  3. 1967 More
    Adopted at 7 months by his maternal grandmother after his young parents split up
  4. 1967 More
    Given up and adopted at birth
  5. 1895 More
    Raised in an orphanage, St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys, from age 7
  6. 1945 More
    Given up at 3 months and adopted shortly thereafter
  7. 1925 More
    Grew up in an orphanage and foster care following his father's suspicious death and mother's ... more
  8. 1981 More
    Raised by family friend Lionel Richie from age 3; legally adopted at age 9
  9. 1954 More
    Adopted at 6 months old
  10. 1940 More
    Raised by his maternal aunt and uncle from age 5 after his father's military desertion
  11. 1964 More
    Given up and adopted at birth
  12. 1932 More
    Given up at birth and adopted at 6 weeks old; later founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for ... more
  13. 1968 More
    Given up and adopted at a young age
  14. 1987 More
    Adopted at 6 months old
  15. 1965 More
    Given up and adopted at a young age
  16. 1945 More
    Grew up believing his grandparents were his parents and that his mother - 16 at his birth - ... more
  17. 1967 More
    Raised by his mother and stepfather, who he believed was his father
  18. 1946 More
    Raised by his grandparents after the death of his father; adopted the name of his stepfather ... more
  19. 1941 More
    Born to a 16 year-old and a married man, he was adopted by his mother's new husband at 1 year ... more
  20. 1957 More
    Adopted along with her siblings by a minister and his wife
  21. 1918 More
    Raised by a tribe chief after his father's death when he was 9 years old
  22. 1928 More
    Grew up in an orphanage from age 10 (1938) after being sent away from Germany to avoid the ... more
  23. 1901 More
    Raised by his grandmother, and uncle, and a foster family following his parents abandonment at ... more
  24. 1921 More
    Raised by an aunt and uncle for several years, and later adopted by her stepfather at age 8 ... more
  25. 1943 More
    Adopted by his stepfather at age 3 after the divorce of his young parents

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