18 Dirty Facts About Flying Airlines Don't Want You To Know Anything
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18 Dirty Facts About Flying Airlines Don't Want You To Know

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If you're a frequent flyer, there are two approaches to this list of airline secrets you may or may not want to know: one, ignore it and carry on in your blissful ignorance of duct tape holding the wing of your aircraft together while flying. Or two, read about the awful things that happen on commercial flights and go in armed with the knowledge of how awful the flight you're on really is (but possibly avoid dysentery). There's no option three, so choose wisely because some of these airline worst practices can't be unseen.

From odd places you'll find poop on a plane to the things a flight attendant might overlook so they get paid, there are an uncomfortable number of things airlines don't want you to know about flying. Culled from the experiences of real pilots, flight attendants, airline staff, ground crew, and TSA officials, these are the reasons logical people are afraid to fly and even the most seasoned traveler should be at least a bit skeeved out by this list of awful things that happen on planes. 
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    Pilots Get Served Different Meals in Case of Food Poisoning

    Likely the same meals you're being offered, so hope you chose the same meal as the pilot who continues at the helm during a bout of food poisoning.


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    The Toilets Can Be Unlocked from the Outside

    This is more of a "Charlie from 'Lost' getting cranked on heroin" precaution than a "People in row 23 joining the mile-high club" fail safe, but the fact remains that occupied does not mean you're free from the possibility of interruption.


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    Pilots Routinely Nod Off During Long Flights

    While rest breaks are scheduled so one pilot can rest while the other commands a plane once it's at cruising altitude, most pilots (more than 50% according to this survey) have involuntarily nodded off while in the cockpit.

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    Nobody Washes the Blankets or Pillows

    Enjoy your scabies.


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    Some Airline Employees Don't Get Paid Until the Flight's in the Air

    Why is this scary for you? Let's say a pilot, flight attendant or other airline employee notices something off about the plane (torn carpet, a toilet issue, a possible technical issue) they consider negligible, they may fail to report the condition in case it causes the flight to be substantially delayed or even cancelled. 


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