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All ACC Schools

A list of all ACC Schools. Every college within the Atlantic Coast Conference has been included. Best known for men's basketball, the ACC is considered one of the six "power conferences" in American college sports. The ACC sanctions 23 sports in Division I of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Seven states are covered by this conference, which are in turn spread out over a dozen schools. Each of those seven states holds part of the United States Atlantic coastline, hence the name. The conference itself dates back to 1953, with its newest member having joined in 2005.
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    Private university Team Name: Eagles

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  2. 2

    Land-grant university, Public university Team Name: Tigers

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  3. 3

    Private university Team Name: Blue Devils

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  4. 4

    Public university Team Name: Seminoles

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  5. 5

    Public university Team Name: Yellow Jackets

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  6. 6

    Land-grant university, Public university Team Name: Wolfpack

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  7. 7

    University of Maryland, College Park Team Name: Terrapins

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  8. 8

    Private school Team Name: Hurricanes

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  9. 9

    University, Public university, Liberal arts college Team Name: Tar Heels

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  10. 10

    Public university Team Name: Cavaliers

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  11. 11

    Land-grant university, Public university Team Name: Hokies

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    Private university Team Name: Demon Deacons

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