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All Louisiana Governors

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List of Louisiana governors, with photos and pictures. This complete LA governors list is ordered historically from the begininning of statehood to the present day. The state governor is the head of the state government similar to how the US President is the head of the federal government (state governors are the head of the state government's executive branch). A governors' term limit varies by state, although most state governors may run for two of their state's terms. Thank you for reading and thanks for checking out this list of governors!
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    Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA Took Office in 1980.

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    Charles E.Roemer III Took Office in 1988.

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    Franklin, United States of America, United States Took Office in 1996.

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    Kathleen Babineaux Blanco Took Office in 2004.

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    Piyush "Bobby" Jindal Took Office in 2008.

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