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List Rules Vote up the overall best properties in Monopoly - the ones you always buy if you land on them and are the best to have.

Monopoly is one of the most loved board games in the world. By way of proof, look at how many versions of the game there are - more than 1200 editions of Monopoly exist, and it has been printed in dozens of languages, because the core mechanics of collecting, trading, and money management are universal. This list is focused on the original version of Monopoly, set in Atlantic City, NJ, and contains all the properties. 

Everyone has their own strategy for Monopoly. Some buy any and everything early, others wait and buy only what they consider the best spaces. What makes the game fun is the perception and strategy of each player. The more you learn, the better at the game you become; familiarizing yourself with all the Monopoly properties, and understanding which are the best properties in Monopoly, is the place to start. Let this list of all Monopoly properties be your guide, and may you learn to own the board.

This list considers not just the cost of a property, but also the frequency with which players land on them and expected return on investment. For extremely detailed information on the actual value of all Monopoly properties, check out this calculator. 

NOTE: Frequency ranks are based on long-term game play, not a single run through the board, and differ depending on whether a player visits, or gets sent to, jail while moving around the board. The term "short" refers to visiting jail; "long" refers to being stuck in jail. 
Tennessee Avenue is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list All the Monopoly Properties, Ranked
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+ - 29 5

Tennessee Avenue

Real Life Equivalent: Tennessee Avenue is a long street that takes in plenty of Atlantic City. Among other things, the street is home to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.
Pros to Owning: A must-buy property. Any roll of eight when leaving jail will land a player here.
Cons to Owning: None. This is the best space in the game.

Frequency Rank: 7 short, 6 long
New York Avenue is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list All the Monopoly Properties, Ranked
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+ - 26 5

New York Avenue

Real Life Equivalent: Not the best street in Atlantic City. New York Avenue was once lined with innovative architecture, but in 2016 is an extremely nondescript street filled with parking lots, vacant lots, and warehouse-type buildings.

Pros to Owning: Rolling a nine coming out of jail will land a player here. Also, drawing a "Go Back Three Spaces" card from Chance will land a player here. As a result, New York Avenue sees heavy traffic.

Cons to Owning: None. It is part of the must buy orange set.

Frequency Rank: 4 short, 7 long
St. James Place is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list All the Monopoly Properties, Ranked
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+ - 20 4

St. James Place

Real Life Equivalent: St. James Place is a lot of history in a small space. While it only runs for a few blocks, there are countless classic buildings on the property.

Pros to Owning: This is one of the most valuable properties in the game as, statistically, the orange spaces are the most landed on group.

Cons to Owning: Zero cons. Always buy orange properties.

Frequency Rank: 12 short, 9 long
Ventnor Avenue is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list All the Monopoly Properties, Ranked
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+ - 12 1

Ventnor Avenue

Real Life Equivalent: Ventnor Avenue runs into Ventnor City, the town directly southwest of Atlantic City. In this regard, it is very well named.

Pros to Owning: Rents with hotel reach $1150. That can be a game-changer late on.

Cons to Owning: Yellow properties are not as valuable as the reds or oranges, because of their high cost and distance from jail.

Frequency Rank: 16 short, 18 long