The Best Police Movies Films
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The Best Police Movies

List Criteria: Top films about cops, detectives, SWAT teams, investigators...

A list of the best cop movies with trailers. What's the best police movie of all time? The police films listed below may be sorted by year of release, director, or actors. Check out more great movie lists that you can also watch on Netflix such as scary movies on Netflix, funny movies on Netflix and best action movies on Netflix

All the police films can be reranked to make your own list of good cop/bad cop movies, list of police procedural films, or list of buddy cop movies. What are the best cop films? These movies may give you a new perspective the next time you watch serial killer films.

These may not be all the cop movies out there, but they are the best.

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    added by wiabux Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Mena Suvari

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  2. 52
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    added by but chickens double d Mel Gibson, Joe Pesci, Danny Glover

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  3. 53
    + 36
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    added by MarvinGray Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle, Octavia Spencer

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  4. 54
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    added by but chickens double d Leeza Gibbons, Peter Weller, John Glover

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  5. 55
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    added by but chickens double d Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mia Sara, Ron Silver

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    added by srouxd162 Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Lake Bell

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