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List of Proctor & Gamble brands, including some of the manufacturer's most highly recognizable products. Proctor & Gamble is a long standing company that makes everything from baby products to personal hygiene products for consumers. From Bounty paper towels to Iams pet food, it's very likely that almost everyone has used a Proctor & Gamble product or brand at some point. This list answers the key question, "What are the best Proctor & Gamble brands?"

The best Proctor & Gamble brands are instantly identifiable. People know and trust these brands, because they've been using them for decades. Perhaps one of the most well-known PnG brand is Tide detergent -- a staple item for laundry care. Crest is another great example of a key PnG brand.
From small beginnings in the late 1800s in Cincinnati, Ohio, Proctor & Gamble has continued to expand its brands. Today, Proctor & Gamble brands are worldwide, a global mecca of sorts.

What is the best Proctor & Gamble brand? That depends on what a consumer needs. This company makes such a wide variety of consumer goods, and all are useful. Need a pregnancy test? Clearblue is a P&G brand. Having problems with dandruff from an itchy scalp? Proctor & Gamble makes Head & Shoulders, a dandruff shampoo.

Many of Proctor & Gamble's most recognizable brands can be found in a typical bathroom cabinet, including Scope, Secret, Charmin, Vicks and Oral-B. P&G brands also include Pampers, Febreze, Swiffer, and all-purpose cleaner Mr. Clean.

This list of Proctor & Gamble brands can help consumers easily identify which products are made and distributed by PnG.
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