Modes Of Transportation In Harry Potter, Ranked By How Uncomfortable They Are

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List Criteria: Vote up the wizarding modes of transportation that make you grateful for your bus pass.

While the heroes of the Harry Potter universe can use their magic to travel in a variety of ways we can't, that doesn't mean they're always comfortable. Getting from one place to another, even with magic, can be a bit of a nightmare. Even magically-enhanced vehicles have flaws. While some forms of Harry Potter transportation are better than others, even their best is not much better than our real-life versions.

Consider this: Harry Potter broomsticks seem cool from the outside, but unless you've got a good grip, you'll go tumbling right off. Flying cars can crash. And Harry Potter apparition, while convenient, can also make you leave bits and pieces of your body behind, a horrific process called "splinching." Leaving half an eyebrow behind, as Ron did in his apparition test, might not be so bad - but a faulty spell could mean you leave half of yourself behind, killing you.

Sure, wizard desserts might be great and it would be awesome to have magical powers, but taking a closer look at the average ways that wizards get around leaves much to be desired. Unless you want to ride a rickety minecart into the bowels of a bank, scrabble for grip on the back of a hippogriff, or end up sick and lost thanks to an unfortunate Floo Powder incident, it might be best just to play it safe and take the bus - the regular bus, that is, not the Knight Bus.

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