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The Richest Musicians in the World Bands/Musicians
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The Richest Musicians in the World

List of the richest musicians in the world by the Forbes year-end report of 2013. The richest singers and highest paid musicians are ranked in order of pay in 2013. The highest paid musicians of all time include solo acts, pop singers, and musicians long past their prime who are still collecting royalties from big hits of the past. Names of the richest musicians of all time are here on this highest paid musicians ever list.

Who are the richest musicians in the world? These singers and musicians make millions of dollars every year because people love them. Every time you buy one of their CDs or download their music on iTunes or Amazon they get a cut. Who are the richest musicians? For every one of their concerts that you attend they make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wouldn't it be great to be one of them? Some people criticize artists for making so much money because it doesn't seem like they create much value or add non-entertainment purpose to anything.

The truth is that people are not forced to pay for their music or concerts and they do so by their own will. The laws of supply and demand work in the favor of artists and they make millions. For every celebrity however there are thousands of starving artists who make nothing. If you like these people's work they are who you should really support. The artists that do it for the love of music even though they don't get the highest pay or best bonuses are the ones that we need in this world. People with good hearts and a love of music deserve to be rewarded.